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Adding custom glass and/or mirror installations to these 5 rooms can bring your décor up to date and make your home more functional. What’s more, you don’t need to be daunted by the idea of decorating with glass because teaming up with a custom glass shop like ABC Glass and Mirror takes the guesswork out of the project. From design through installation you can work with experienced glass professionals to bring your ideas to life.

Living Room Glass Installations

There are actually several ways to utilize glass and mirror as you redecorate your living room.

  • Glass table top: Quickly transform your existing coffee table and end tables by adding glass tops. Choose clear if you just want to give the tables some sheen or go with frosted, patterned, or back painted glass for a more significant change of style. Additionally, you can create a brand new table by ordering a custom glass top to be affixed on a pedestal or support system of your choice.
  • Cabinet glass: Cabinet glass can take the place of the wood door fronts on living room cabinets. Switching to clear, frosted, or patterned cabinet glass is an innovative way to update a TV cabinet, book case, or credenza.
  • Wall mirror: Mirror glass opens up tons of decorating possibilities. You can have a rectangular mirror hung over the fire place, add a small round mirror to a reading nook, or even design a mirrored wall that creates the illusion of space.
  • Glass shelves: Glass shelves not only give you surfaces for storage and display, but they also add beauty to the walls in and of themselves. Whether you need more places to display knick knacks or additional storage for books, glass shelves are a smart living room choice.

Using Glass in the Dining Room

In many homes, the dining room is used for everything from eating dinner to doing homework to playing card games with friends. This means that getting the dining room ambiance right is super important. The truth is, glass can be used in the dining room in much the same way it is put to work in a living room. Easy additions include a glass table top, a large or small wall mirror, cabinet glass on a china hutch, or even glass shelves for storing extra plates and cups! Additionally, you can cover one wall with back painted glass to modernize the space and enjoy the benefits of an easily cleaned, customizable wall covering.

Glass Can Also Beautify a Kitchen

Back painted glass is also a trendy choice in kitchen design. Glaziers can install one or more lengthy sheets of back painted glass for a backsplash that is seamless or nearly seamless. With no grout lines, a glass backsplash makes cleaning the kitchen more convenient. These backsplashes can be custom color-matched to whatever shade you desire, and they immediately modernize any kitchen where they are installed. Glass is also put to use in kitchen cabinet makeovers. At times, cabinets are solid and durable overall but have a dated appearance or perhaps some sagging shelves. By replacing the out-of-style door fronts with cabinet glass and the saggy shelves with rigid glass shelves, the cabinets are given a fresh look and enhanced usability.

Glass Is a Must in a Bathroom Remodel

Of course every bathroom needs a vanity mirror, but don’t stop there as you renovate your master bath, guest bath, kids’ bath, or powder room. Popular glass and mirror installations for bathroom settings include:

  • Glass shower doors and enclosures: Any renovated bathroom should include shower glass. It is the choice of modern home decorators and offers practical benefits such as reliable water containment. While framed and semi-frameless shower doors are still used, many prefer a frameless design. These enclosures are built from thick, unframed sheets of glass. They are usually clear and can include swinging or rolling doors. A clear glass shower is not only a lovely place in which to bathe, but it also makes the bathroom feel bigger!
  • Custom vanity mirror: A custom vanity mirror is ideal for maximizing your bathroom’s available wall space. Whether you want one large mirror, double mirrors over double sinks, or a very small mirror to accommodate a tiny powder room, ABC can design and fabricate a mirror to meet your needs and fit just right on your wall space.
  • Glass shelving: Glass shelving can put unused wall space – such as the area above the commode – to use as a storage solution. These shelves are also installed in showers and can be used to replace damaged shelves inside a vanity cabinet or linen closet.
  • Back painted glass: Like a kitchen, a bathroom can benefit from an easily sanitized seamless glass backsplash. Back painted glass is also used for shower wall panels, as a contemporary wall covering, and to create a privacy screen around the toilet.
  • Frosted and patterned glass: These two popular types of privacy glass can be used in a few different ways. In high traffic bathrooms, privacy glass might be chosen for the shower door or for a partition wall. Alternatively, it can take the form of replacement glass for bathroom windows. Vision obscuring window panes allow you to enjoy the natural light flowing in through a bathroom window without having to worry about a lack of privacy.

Even a Home Office Can Be Spruced Up With Glass

Last but not least, your home office is a great place for decorating with glass and mirror. Our favorite ideas include:

  • Glass covering for your desk top.
  • Open glass shelves to solve clutter problems while keeping everything handy.
  • A back painted glass whiteboard for keeping your schedule visible and writing quick reminders.
  • A mirror to adorn a bare wall and make the space feel roomier.
  • A glass partition wall to separate your work space from the rest of a room.

Glass and mirror brings clean lines, smooth surfaces, and reflective sheen to your workspace. These materials can be part of a home office makeover that gives you a more uplifting work environment!

What Is the Process of Having Custom Glass or Mirror Installed in My Home?

If you’re inspired by one of the ideas we’ve discussed or have your own creative vision for how to use glass or mirror in your home décor, feel free to give ABC a call at (703)257-7150. We are happy to discuss a project over the phone and can then schedule a free in-home consultation with an estimator. At the consultation, the ABC estimator will look over the relevant space, measure and take notes as needed, show you samples, and answer questions. Our office team will email you a price quote for the job within the next 24-48 hours.

Once you’ve finalized your decision, we move into the next phase of the project. After we’ve ordered, prepared, and/or fabricated all the necessary components, a team member will contact you and schedule our next stop at your home. At this visit, a professional crew will put the glass and/or mirror in place. ABC backs up our work with a warranty, and we are happy to answer questions about how to clean and care for the glass and mirror. We hope to speak with you soon at (703)257-7150!