Laminated Safety Glass in North Virginia

Consider laminated glass for situations where it is imperative for a piece of glass to remain intact even if broken.

This is the case, for instance, in gymnasiums or when glass is being installed overhead. If you are working on a project like this, call an experienced local company, ABC Glass and Mirror. Start with a free consultation and estimate, feel confident in our quality products, and enjoy professional installation of quality glass. We hope you will get in touch with us today at 703-257-7150.

Laminated Safety Glass in North Virginia

Laminated glass is an innovative glass and vinyl composite with excellent safety features and the clarity of normal glass.

It is composed of two exterior panels of glass adhered to an inner layer of vinyl. This adhesion means that even if the glass is broken, the fragments will remain in place, attached to the vinyl. Keeping the broken glass on the vinyl means keeping it away from your family, friends, or customers!

Laminated glass is the right choice for a variety of applications. As mentioned, laminated glass is the best choice for all overhead installations. These include skylights and glass ceilings; the laminated glass eliminates the possibility of glass shards raining down on a person, pet, or fragile object.  In addition to gym windows, laminated glass works well for sidelights (windows right beside a door). It makes these windows, and thus the doors, more resistant to intrusion. Since it is also important to keep shower glass intact, laminated glass can be selected in place of the more common tempered glass. Likewise, it could be used for glass shelves or on display cases. For the maximum in safety and security, you also have the option of choosing laminated tempered glass, which offers greater durability.

Ordering customized laminated glass from ABC is a smooth, hassle-free process that begins with a free in-home consultation and an emailed estimate.

One of our glaziers will inspect the site and assist you in determining the best glass thickness for your project, with choices including 1/8″, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” glass. Our technician will also take the necessary measurements and check for any special situations that would warrant an adjustment in the glass dimensions. These include irregular corners, surfaces that are not level, and walls that are out of plumb.  When your laminated glass is ready, we will call you to schedule installation. The glass will then be professionally installed, and you will enjoy a product that offers both an attractive appearance and a great safety feature.

If you need glass that will remain intact even if it gets broken, laminated glass is the product for you.

Order yours from a respected company with lots of experience in the glass industry – ABC Glass and Mirror of Manassas Park, VA. We are a family business with a commitment to customer satisfaction, and we look forward to serving you. Call us at 703-257-7150, and a member of our friendly staff will schedule your free glass consultation.