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ABC Glass & Mirror is a family owned and operated business backed by more than 40 years of owner industry experience and over 150 years combined industry experience. With a team of veteran installers and glaziers, our expertise is second to none.

ABC’s legacy started many years ago and over the years the name has changed, the business location has changed, but the family has stayed the same.

ABC’s legacy started many years ago and over the years the name has changed, the business location has changed, but the family has stayed the same.

ABC Glass & Mirror was founded in 2002 by Mike Howell and his son Micah, but glass has been an integral part of the Howell family for generations. Mike’s dad, Thad Howell, started doing glass in the mid 1960’s with Mike helping in the evenings and summers. After Mike’s graduation from high school he began to work full-time with his dad in the family business.

ABC Glass & Mirror did not happen overnight; it was generations in the making. Beginning as MT Howell and Son, the name was later changed to Add A Lite Glass for better placement in the then much used yellow pages.

Mike Goes To War

They continued to work together until Mike entered the army to serve in Vietnam. When he returned from the war, Thad sold out and moved to his farm in North Carolina putting him close to his son stationed at Fort Bragg. Upon leaving the army Mike worked on the farm with Thad until a corn blight, too much rain and falling hog prices led to their return to Northern Virginia and the glass industry.

Working from the Herndon area at first, they opened a new glass company. They started their business out of a one bedroom apartment with a walk-in closet as a shop and one truck. Eventually, needing a better workspace, they moved to Springfield, VA and then to Manassas, VA.

Thad Leaves The Business

After a few years in Northern Virginia, Thad wanted to return to the farm life. He wished to go back to the area in which he had grown up, so in the mid-1970’s Thad again returned home to North Carolina.

Mike Sells Add A Lite Glass

In 1978 Mike, now with three children, decided to try and rejoin his father in NC, so he sold the glass business he started in Herndon and moved south. The economy was very tight during this era, so trying to find glass work in a small town was tough. After a short time in North Carolina with his young family, Mike once again headed back to Northern Virginia. From 1981 to 2002, Mike took a leadership role in the local glass company he once owned, until he and Micah established ABC Glass & Mirror in 2002.

A New Era Is Born

Since 2002, ABC has flourished as a high end glass shop that has won the trust of innumerable homeowners, property managers, and commercial clients. Today, the ABC team continues to serve a wide range of customers, taking on all glass and mirror projects from a new vanity mirror for a powder room, to glass shower doors for an entire apartment complex, or even decorative glass in a new restaurant.

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With ABC Glass, you know you are getting high quality service. Our multiple installers and glaziers are ready to assist you throughout Northern Virginia.

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