Frameless shower enclosures offer an updated, sleek look and feel for any bathroom.

Whether you just want to replace an old shower enclosure or you’re adding luxury to your brand new or freshly remodeled bathroom, the perfect door awaits your discovery. Frameless doors make the bathroom more attractive, while the clear glass and minimal hardware showcase your selection of tile. Whether your style is modern with clean architectural lines or a more rustic look and feel, frameless shower doors are a great choice for any bathroom.

A streamlined, state-of-the-art frameless glass enclosure updates your bathroom in a simply elegant and modern way. The continuity of a clear frameless glass shower is bolstered by a door that has no metal frame, just glass, for a visually soothing space. Adding a frameless glass enclosure to your shower will create the appearance of a limitless space.

Frameless enclosures can be tailor-made to any specifications.  Most often, enclosures are created in a neo-angle or corner configuration which allows at least some of the glass panels to be fixed to the tiled walls. The standard shapes of neo-angle and corner stalls give a bathroom a more desirable geometric design, often increasing usable floor space.

What is the definition of a frameless shower door?

A frameless shower door is defined as a glass door panel devoid of metal framing. To maintain structure and stability the shower glass is secured by clamps and hinges and, on occasion, a metal header. The glass used in a frameless shower is 3/8″ and/or 1/2″ tempered glass. Although clear glass is the preferred option for most clients, there are many different types of patterned and colored glass to choose from as well.

Now that the definition of a frameless shower door is clear, you can easily understand how having an almost invisible partition gives your bathroom a feeling of endlessness, especially if clear glass is used. This is one of the characteristics that make frameless units so popular, since the stop and start of a framed shower door or a shower curtain can make your bathroom feel smaller than it is. If your bathroom lacks the space that you desire, choosing a frameless variation along with clear glass can give an illusion of space that will also add a touch of spa-like luxury. Furthermore, any frameless shower door can be customized to reflect your personal style and tastes.

What are the different varieties and shapes available in frameless shower doors?

Keep in mind that there are many different shapes of shower door enclosures, including neo-angle, L-shaped, inline door/panel and any custom shape you can envision. Frameless shower enclosures also come in different varieties; these include single door, double door and steam showers.  Understand that frameless shower doors can be used in almost any shower shape or size.  Often there are suggestions of certain shapes and styles depending on floor space and personal needs. For instance, if there is limited space, a sliding shower door may be suggested as your best option. Also, depending on construction or design, a single door could be your answer. Alternatively, you might request a steam shower for relaxation or health benefits.

What are the glass and hardware options available for frameless shower doors?

Every frameless shower door is a personalized reflection of your own style and sense of beauty. Remember that there are incalculable combinations to bring to reality the vision you have for your bathroom. When you begin to reflect on all of the pieces that must come together to design that one of a kind shower door you realize how truly endless the options are. For starters, you have to consider glass options including color, pattern and thickness, and you will also choose from a range of handle styles and finishes.

Choosing ABC Glass and Mirror as your shower door company will make the process exciting and stress-free.

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