Gym Mirror by ABC Glass & Mirror

Upgrade your gymnasium, weight room, dance studio, or home workout area with gym mirrors from ABC Glass and Mirror.

We supply and install large mirrors, custom-cut to fit on your walls.  These mirrors can make your establishment more appealing to clients by enhancing the overall atmosphere and by being a tool for observing progress and improving skills.  Installing gym mirrors in your home fitness room can make your workout area more inviting and provide a boost of motivation by creating a gym-like feel.  At ABC Glass and Mirror we want you to have the facts you need to select the product that is right for you; to facilitate this we provide a free on-site consultation and estimate with one of our knowledgeable glass and mirror experts.  Call us today at (703)257-7150!

Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Gym Mirrors

The term “gym mirror” refers to large mirrors that are installed on the walls of rooms used for athletics, exercise, or performing arts.  Gym mirrors have both practical and aesthetic functions in these areas.  A gym wall mirror is a great tool for monitoring one’s own progress and performance.  It enables the athlete, exerciser, or performer to pinpoint what needs improvement or correction.  A gym mirror can also be motivational by providing a visible indicator of progress, achievements and mastery of skills.

Gym mirrors provide a positive experience in other ways, too.  These large mirrors “open up” a room, giving it the appearance of an area twice as large.  In addition, they illuminate the room by reflecting light.  A bright, spacious room is a pleasant place; one that will enhance the appeal of your gym, studio, or home!

Gym Mirror Installation

To safely and securely install your gym mirrors, we take into account both the weight of the mirror and the need to keep it in place.  Your mirrors will be attached to the walls with mirror mastic, glue specifically formulated for this application.  The mirrors will rest on the floor, trim, J-channel, or L-bar to support the weight. The factors to consider for each of these choices can be quickly viewed –

  • Floor – This is cost-effective because the floor is already there. However, if the mirrors go all the way down to the floor, they are more at risk of being kicked or scuffed.
  • Trim – Resting the mirrors on trim is just as cost-effective if you already have floor trim. Again, consider the placement of your specific trim and whether it is at an appropriate distance from the floor to serve as the base support for your gym mirrors.
  • J-Channel – This is installed at the distance from the floor that you choose which can help keep your mirrors from being kicked, etc. J-channel is made of metal, and its profile is shaped like a “J”, so a thin strip of metal will be visible along the bottom of the mirrors.
  • L-Bar – This is just like J-channel, except that it has an “L” shaped profile, so it is minimally visible along the bottom of the mirrors. It gives the mirrors a frameless look.
Body-Conscious Woman Looking at the Mirror in Fairfax County
Gym Mirror Installation by ABC Glass & Mirror
Gym Wall Mirror Options by ABC Glass & Mirror

Gym Wall Mirror Options from ABC

We will install your gym mirrors using as few separate pieces of mirror glass as possible.  We can supply very large mirrors ranging from 3-1/2’ X 10’ to 7’ X 10’ stock sheets.  These stock sheets can be installed at their full sizes, or custom mirrors can be cut from them.  However, keep in mind that the mirror size can be limited by the dimensions of the doorway into the gym – we have to be able to get the mirror into the room.  If there are outlets or other fixtures on the walls, this is not a problem.  We can cut out the appropriate openings in the mirrors to allow your outlets and fixtures to remain in place.

As you can see, working with ABC Glass and Mirror means that your choices in vanity mirrors do not have to be limited by factors such as structural irregularities or a badly placed light switch.  Moreover, we offer an array of choices so that you can design the perfect vanity mirror for your specific space.  Call us today at 703-257-7150 and schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate!