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If you are asking yourself what is a fail-safe way to update your Fairfax, VA kitchen, then consider adding a Dreamwalls back painted glass backsplash!!! Using back painted glass for a backsplash in your kitchen will very easily give your kitchen a more up to date look…even if you are not remodeling the entire room. Colored glass offers an ease and a versatility that other materials do not offer. Choosing Dreamwalls back painted glass gives you an endless selection of colors!

You can choose from all of their standard colors or you can have Dreamwalls and ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. perfectly match any color that you can find or dream. That means that you can fall in love with any color that has been created and we can match it! This literally means limitless color options in colored glass.

Installation of Back Painted Glass Backsplash

Choosing Dreamwalls back painted glass for your kitchen is an easy choice. All you have to do is give ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a call and we will schedule you a free in-home estimate. One of glass experts will come to your home and measure your kitchen wall space to ensure the best fit for your glass backsplash. ABC’s expert will also discuss your color options with you.

Cleaning Your New Glass Backsplash

One of the perks of choosing a colored glass backsplash for your kitchen is how easy it is to clean. The kitchen can get dirty, messy and hard to clean with just the making and preparing of one meal. It is important to make that cleaning process as easy as possible. It is also, important to increase that ease of cleaning wherever you can in the kitchen. Finding ways to improve the way your kitchen looks and making cleaning easier will boost appearances while saving time. All you need to clean a glass backsplash is glass cleaner and a cloth or paper towels. Just spray, wipe and clean!!! With the new Dreamwalls glass backsplash your kitchen looks fresh….and it is much easier to keep clean!!! If you live in Fairfax, VA, or one of its surrounding cities and are considering back painted glass for your kitchen, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for more information. We can be reached at 703-257-7150, Monday through Friday, 7 am- 5pm. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local glass expert specializing in all things glass and mirror including Dreamwalls back painted glass! Contact us today!

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