Bathroom Glass Repair Service by ABC Glass & Mirror

At ABC Glass we find that a free estimate with an on-site consultation is an essential step in the process of getting your glass and mirror project started!

If you are considering a custom glass or mirror project for your home or office, give ABC a call at 703-257-7150 to schedule our complimentary visit to your site.  For most projects our official quotes are emailed within 24-48 hours of this consultation.  We can also give helpful “ballpark” quotes over the phone if you would like to get an idea of pricing before making your consultation appointment.

Giving a risk-free, cost-free estimate is an important service that some glass companies have chosen not to provide for their customers. However, ABC Glass and Mirror makes it easy for our potential clients to explore their options and obtain reliable pricing information. Getting an estimate is helpful in planning for an upcoming custom glass or mirror project, and we are happy to provide a rough assessment over the phone and then, if you so desire, schedule a free on-site consultation and follow up with an official quote sent via email.

Shower Door and Bathtub Enclosure Estimates and Quotes

As with most of our products and services, we offer a totally free in-home estimate for shower doors and tub enclosures. The process of getting started on your new shower enclosure is easy. The preliminary estimate for showers can be done via our website. Please begin by clicking on the layout of the shower of your choice. Your next step will be to click on the “Build A Shower” and fill out the form.  If you would like another option to receive your preliminary quote, please feel free to email us at  Please include layout, rough sizes, your name and phone number.

When calling to schedule your free on-site estimate, keep in mind that the shower space has to be ready for us to measure. This is important for all shower glass, but especially for shower enclosures. In order to be ready for us to measure, construction of the shower stall must be complete down to the tile. ABC Glass takes very precise and accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit, so it is integral for the space to be well prepared. If the project space is not ready for a custom measure we can usually give a fairly accurate “ballpark” quote over the phone.

Shower Door Estimates by ABC Glass & Mirror

Mirror Estimates and Quotes

As with our custom shower doors, we offer our mirror customers free preliminary “ballpark” phone estimates and free on-site estimates as well. After we complete an on-site estimate we will email an official quote. When calling to schedule your free on-site estimate keep in mind that the mirror wall space and location has to be ready to measure. For bathroom vanity mirrors that hang over a sink, this means the actual sink/counter and vanity have to be installed along with lights and electrical outlets. (This is true of all custom wall mirrors as well). Having the wall and mirror location prepared fully before the measure takes place ensures that exact dimensions are recorded and we don’t have to come twice to get measurements.

Custom Mirror Designs by ABC Glass & Mirror

In-Store Pick-Up

For any glass that will be picked up at our shop and NOT installed by ABC, such as shelves, table top glass, mirrors, etc., we can do a quick and simple quote over the phone. If you want a more detailed quote, please send sizes to and receive a quote usually within the same day.

Bathroom Glass Shelves by ABC Glass & Mirror

For Our Commercial Clients

We offer free measures and estimates for our commercial customers as well. Additionally, we can do over the phone estimates or “ballpark” pricing upon request and if the customer has all the necessary information on hand. Our turnaround is usually 2-3 days on commercial quotes unless special order materials are being used. In order to get a quote on jobs with special order materials the suppliers have to respond to the quote, and that can range from 3-5 days or 1-2 weeks depending on the supplier.

Estimate for Commercial Clients by ABC Glass & Mirror

Contract Glazing

For our contractors there are bid invitations and plans that are sent to our bids email; We will do a quick review to determine if we will be bidding or not and reply to the sender. Proposals will be sent over on the due date for which the bids are due

Glazing Window Services in Fairfax County

For all information on free estimates and quotes please give us a call at 703-257-7150!