Semi-frameless glass shower doors and enclosures deliver a stylish, yet functional barrier between the bathroom space and the shower stall or tub.

A semi-frameless enclosure can be added to any tub or shower area to further the functionality and beauty of any bathroom in the home. New semi-frameless shower doors can, very simply, improve the look of your home. It is amazing how the replacement of your old shower doors can change the way your bathroom feels, transforming it from a utilitarian room that you have to use to a luxurious room that you want to use.

Anytime that you choose to update your bathroom with new shower doors it is essential to know your choices and decide what is appealing to your taste and price range. A semi-frameless design can be a great option depending on your preferred style and budget.

What is the definition of a semi-frameless shower door?

Semi-frameless is a type of framed shower door enclosure that includes only the minimum amount of metal necessary for the stability of the unit. The semi-frameless enclosure has a metal header, and all of the fixed glass has a thin metal frame. The glass is usually 1/4” tempered glass, but 3/16” is also used. The glass door on the enclosure does not have a metal frame. And so, the total shower door enclosure is considered semi-frameless. There is some debate as to what constitutes a semi-frameless, however. Some in the glazing industry believe that any type of metal frame, including a header, makes the enclosure a semi-frameless. However, other experts believe that if a glass shower door simply has a metal header but still uses “heavy glass” then it can be considered a frameless shower door. The one clear factor in defining a semi-frameless as such is that the glass door itself cannot have a metal frame. For instance, bypass shower doors have no frame around the actual doors but have a metal frame along the perimeter of the entire enclosure. These doors would be considered semi-frameless.

Why choose a semi-frameless enclosure over other types of shower doors?

You may be wondering why some people opt for a semi-frameless rather than a frameless or framed enclosure. There are two main reasons: conditions and cost. Depending on which definition of semi-frameless you consider accurate, one of the conditions that could cause a homeowner to choose this option is structural stability. For instance, if you want to hang the glass shower door between two panels of glass you may be forced to use a header. The other reason could be cost; a semi-frameless shower door is usually more budget friendly than a comparable frameless unit.

What are the different types of semi-frameless showers?

Semi-frameless shower doors come in many of the same types and varieties as frameless shower doors. Bypass doors, single doors and steam showers are all available with semi-frameless construction. Don’t forget about all the shapes available as well, including neo-angle, L-shaped, inline door and panel, and any custom configuration.

What hardware and glass options are available for semi-frameless enclosures?

Every shower door has endless options to fit your home’s unique style. ABC Glass and Mirror has a wide and varied selection of shower door glass and hardware, so please contact us at 703-257-7150 and schedule your free in-home estimate.