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It’s not difficult to improve your dining room décor! Inject style and visual appeal into the space with these ideas for fun and easy decorating.

1. Reinvent the sideboard. Once popular in dining rooms across America, sideboards were long low cabinets used for the storage of table linens and dishware. Create your own open concept “sideboard” by having a set of two long glass shelves installed, with the top shelf 2 to 2-1/2 feet off the floor.

kitchen with color cabinets in the front and white cabinets above a sink in the back

2. Tie the kitchen and dining room together with a movable island.  and place it in the dining room but close to the kitchen and adorn it with some canisters and bowls that continue the color scheme and theme of the kitchen. This island can be used as a buffet if you run out of room for serving platters on your dining table.

3. Put your wedding china to use. Were you gifted with an expensive set of china that is still in the boxes or stashed away in a cupboard? Give your dining room instant flair by purchasing a secondhand hutch and displaying your china. (If you find a hutch with wood doors, replace the door fronts with clear cabinet glass so that your dishware will be visible even when put away.)

4. Be creative with the window treatments. You don’t have to replace your curtains to give the windows a fresh look. Experiment with non-traditional curtain rods make of items such as copper pipes, vintage fishing rods, or painted dowels. You can also add a fun layer to your window treatments with strings of beads, a fishnet, or swaths of colorful fabric.

5. Perk up the dining table with glass. You can give your dining table a new lease on life and an upgraded look by adding a clear glass table top. This will be easy to clean and will ensure that the surface beneath it remains free from fresh scratches and stains.

6. Add a wall hanging. Whether it’s time to frame the family picture that’s tucked in the back of your closet or to order a print by your favorite local artist, find a wall hanging that is both attractive and meaningful. Hang it above a cabinet or shelf to dress up the room.

7. How about a fireplace? Add a small electric fireplace to a corner of your dining room. This unique addition will make the space cozier in the winter, and when it’s too warm to use the fireplace, set bouquets of fresh flowers on top of it.

8. Add unexpected lighting options. Your dining area is most likely already equipped with one or more ceiling lights. Adding more lighting options gives the space charm and makes it possible to create a more intimate atmosphere. Possibilities include:

Sconces for candles
A small lamp on a shelf or cabinet top.
A floor lamp in an unused corner

9. Try bench seating. Are you running short on seating? Are you cramming in too many chairs around your dining table? Consider replacing the chairs on one side of the table with a long bench. This can make it easier to seat more people comfortably and is ideal for families with children or grandparents who often host family gatherings.

10. Transform the atmosphere with a wall mirror. Placing a mirror on a dining room wall not only imparts sleek, modern elegance, but it can even create the illusion of space. Ways to decorate with mirrors include:

Hanging a framed mirror above a shelf or low cabinet.
Creating a mirror wall by covering most of a wall with reflective glass.
Ordering three small mirrors cut into different geometric shapes and arranging them in a cluster on a bare wall.

11. Give your dining table a centerpiece. The dining area will instantly look more “put together” if there’s an attractive centerpiece on the table. Try one of these easy ideas:

A natural edge wooden bowl filled with seasonal fruit.
An odd number of glass vases filled with cut flowers.
Two tapers in vintage candlesticks.

12. Repaint the room’s trim. This can mean simply giving white trim a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up and hide stains and scuffs that have accumulated. However, you can also give the room a new vibe, by switching to black trim or perhaps using a bright color that makes your trim a pop of color against the room’s neutral walls.

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