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More and more Northern Virginia residents are adding modern elegance to their home’s bathrooms by way of glass shower doors. Knowing your options is crucial to finding the door that meets your practical requirements AND lives up to your expectations for beauty and charm. In the world of glass showers, you have three door types from which to choose, so let’s take a closer look at each.

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Bypass Doors: More likely than not, you have seen bypass shower doors at some point. This door style has been around for decades, and its space-friendly design ensures the longevity of this option. A bypass system typically consists of two frameless door panels that slide in parallel metal tracks. A thin aluminum frame will surround the enclosure as a whole, making it a semi-frameless enclosure. Bypass units offer practical versatility in that there are two moving door panels. Also, since these doors take up very little floor space, they are an especially appropriate choice for small to medium bathrooms.

Frameless Sliders: In spite of their enduring popularity, bypass doors are not the ideal choice for everyone. Some homeowners have fallen in love the with the smooth look and feel of a frameless enclosure. To combine this look with the space-efficiency offered by bypass door, industry experts have come up with frameless sliders. These units are built from frameless glass, and they typically have a moving door beside a fixed piece of glass. The enclosure will also include a metal bar or other apparatus along which the door panel glides. Like bypass doors, frameless sliders require minimal space, so they “fit” in just about any bathroom.

Swinging Doors: When space allows, swinging glass shower doors can be a fantastic addition to a bathroom. They instantly add visual interest, and their style can be:

  • Frameless
  • Semi-frameless
  • Or framed

Swinging doors can be utilized on shower enclosures of various sizes and designs. For instance, a compact single shower stall can be dressed up by the installation of one swinging glass door. On the other hand, a set of double glass doors could be the perfect finish for a large and luxurious enclosure in a spacious master bath.

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