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Integrating glass into your master bathroom décor is an effective method for updating the space, and we have some tips to spark your creativity! In addition to modernizing your bathroom style, glass can be used to accomplish other design objectives such as:

  • Making the room feel bigger.
  • Creating a space that’s easier to clean.
  • Simplifying your decorating style.
  • Giving yourself a more convenient and functional bathroom.
  • Turning an ordinary master bathroom into an upscale retreat.

Make the Master Bath Seem Roomier

Clear glass is a wonderful resource for making any part of the home feel larger, and there are many ways to utilize it in a master bathroom. Perhaps the most popular – and the most powerful – is a transparent glass shower enclosure. Especially if built from frameless glass, this shower stall will instantly add to the square footage you perceive when you walk into the room. It makes the shower area visible, so that the whole room gains a feeling of spaciousness.

Additionally, you can replace existing opaque fixtures with clear glass alternatives. Examples of this include:

  • Removing a wooden storage cabinet and having clear glass shelving installed in its place.
  • Choosing a clear glass vessel sink rather than a metallic or ceramic one.
  • Changing out the wooden door fronts on your vanity for transparent cabinet glass.
  • Replacing a standard bathroom door with a rolling barn style door made of clear glass. (If this raises privacy concerns, patterned glass is a nice compromise.)

Changes like this visually open up the bathroom and can make a small room feel more expansive.

Easier Bathroom Cleaning? Yes, Please!

Replacing old fixtures and storage options with modern glass installations can make bathroom cleaning quicker and less strenuous. For example, many shower doors include lots of metal and numerous nooks and crannies where water pools, soap scum abounds, mildew grows, and so on. Today, frameless showers are available with both swinging and rolling door movement, and they feature smooth surfaces with few metal pieces. The simplicity of their design eliminates many of the problem areas where grime builds up and is difficult to reach. Also, you have the option of ordering shower glass with a protective coating or even a permanently sealed surface. This kind of upgraded glass stays clean longer and washes up more easily than standard glass.

Glass is a smart choice of material for a bathroom because it can withstand damp conditions, does not absorb moisture, and is easy to sanitize. Back painted glass, for example, makes an ideal bathroom surface covering. It can be installed on the walls for a fresh look and a more cleanable surface than painted drywall. Additionally, it can be used for shower wall panels that have no grout to clean! Back painted glass is also a user friendly choice for toilet screens and backsplashes.

Simplify and Beautify

Glass opens up fantastic possibilities for contemporary, streamlined bath décor that is both simple and lovely. A rolling barn style shower door, for example, is sleek and up-to-date yet evokes the simplicity of bygone days with a barn door inspired design. If your bathroom is large enough, you can even simplify getting out of the shower. How? Eliminate the door panel and have a custom walk-in shower installed. Additionally, you can choose storage with clean lines and convenient access to your items: open glass shelving filled with canvas bins. Whenever you choose the smooth, uniform surface of clear glass, you bring simple elegance to the room.

Boost Functionality and Convenience

What would a more convenient master bathroom look like for you? Are water drops getting past your shower curtain? Do you need a larger vanity mirror for mornings when you and your spouse are getting ready for work at the same time? Here are just a few ways custom glass can give you a more useful space.

  • Wall to wall vanity mirror: A glass shop like ABC can fabricate a large mirror that makes the most of the wall space above your vanity. Or if space is limited there, we can help you create a separate make-up station by hanging a custom mirror in another part of the bathroom.
  • Glass shower to replace curtain: Switching to a glass shower door means simply closing a door instead of having to carefully place the curtain and liner to avoid leaks. Swinging, bypass, and rolling door options are available.
  • Shower stall shelves: An untidy stall takes away from the refreshing and renewing powers of a hot shower. Adding small glass shelves to your shower’s interior solves this problem by giving you plenty of storage space for hair products and soaps.

Create Your Own Upscale Retreat

Custom glass installations go a long way toward transforming an everyday bathroom into a posh, spa-like escape. When you mix a new glass enclosure with other easy upgrades such as a rain style overhead shower spray, an aroma therapy kit, LED shower lighting, and a specialty bath mat your morning shower may start to feel like a stop at your favorite health and beauty spa!

Adding glam to the sink area can take many different forms. For example, you could swap out your current tile backsplash for a seamless backsplash made of one piece of back painted glass. This special glass is installed with the painted side against the wall so that both your chosen paint color and the transparent brilliance of the glass are in full view. Another option is to have a custom vanity mirror installed; remember that such a mirror can be cut in a unique shape, tailored to specific bathroom dimensions, or even fitted with cutouts to work around existing switches and outlets. If there is unused wall space around your sink, you can also tackle the problem of clutter on your vanity top. Have a small set of custom glass shelves installed, and everything can be stored handily on a shelf instead of detracting from your elegant vanity top!

Most of the glass fixtures discussed here can be supplied and installed by the professionals at ABC Glass and Mirror. Would you like to learn more? Just give our customer care team a call at (703)257-7150. We can discuss project preliminaries and set you up with an appointment for a free, in-home consultation. If you decide to partner with ABC, know that our glaziers are here to answer questions and provide professional tips from the planning stage all the way through to the installation of your glass or mirror.