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Keeping your new shower doors clean and clear, organically speaking, is quite simple.  There are 5 easy tips that help you easily manage the task of eliminating hard water spots, dirt and grime before it becomes a problem while staying environmentally friendly.

You can choose to use all 5 of these tips or mix and match.  Ultimately, the best advice for keeping your shower door glass clean (and using the least amount of chemicals to do so) is to take a minute or two after each use and gently wipe the glass down.  This is very effective to keep your cleaning to a minimum and have amazingly clear shower door glass!!!

5 Tips for Organic Cleaning of Glass Enclosures

1.    ShowerGuard Glass:  doesn’t allow gook and grime to build up
2.    Use a squeegee-rubber:  grabs water and daily grime and pulls it away from the glass
3.    Use a sponge:  a sponge absorbs and wipes excess water and grime
4.    Use a towel-using a soft towel:   gently wipes and absorbs gook and water left on the glass
5.    Use a 50/50 Water-Vinegar Solution:  all natural and great cleaning power.

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ShowerGuard Glass Helps Keep it Clean

Choosing ShowerGuard shower door glass also ensures more of a “green” clean.  ShowerGuard glass is a type of glass that has been made in a way that uses.  Standard glass is susceptible to deterioration from hard water and soap scum because standard glass is porous.  ShowerGuard is created using an ion beam during the manufacturing process. This process permanently seals the glass surface, thus does not let water spots and grime build up on the surface.  Allowing for easy, environmentally friendly, cleaning!

Choose a Squeegee, Sponge or Towel for Daily Wipe Down

Also a very simple way to eliminate the need for cleaners is a keep wipe down every day. You can choose from a squeegee, sponge, or towel daily to wipe your shower door glass.  Doing this daily without cleaner is a great “green” way to minimize the day to day grime.

All Natural Solution Helps Clean Shower

Lastly, choose to use a 50/50 water and vinegar solution when it your shower needs a little bit more than the regular wipe down.  This solution is completely natural and if you are wiping down the glass daily there should be little elbow grease needed.

Keeping the cleaning regimen for your shower door glass and your entire home as natural as possible is good for your family, pets and the environment!  If your live in Merrifield, VA or it’s surrounding areas and would like more information on ShowerGuard glass or to schedule a free shower door estimate, call 703-257-7150!

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