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Decorating with blue makes sense since it is a color known for its calming properties. We know that color can affect mood, so integrating shades of blue into your interior design can even increase feelings of tranquility and contentment in your living space. Whether you wish to make blue the dominant color in some rooms or to simply introduce this hue in a minor way, we have some great ideas for you!

Blue as a Bathroom Décor Color

Put blue to work as you make your bathroom a calming retreat. Themes that foster this include coastal, floral, aquatic, and antique. To avoid color overload, choose an understated wall color such as light gray with blue undertones and include many surfaces in neutrals that pair well with blue. These include white, cream, gray, and brown. Save more vibrant bursts of color for accent items like towels, curtains, and the bathmat.

Celebrate blue in the shower and tub areas. For instance, include specialty blue glass wall tiles in the shower and then opt for a clear glass shower enclosure that will keep these tiles in sight. With regard to the tub, consider a dramatic overflow tub surrounded by natural pebbles. Add small glass shelves to the wall behind this tub and adorn them with blue scented candles, flower arrangements, and so forth.

Calm Down Your Main Living Space with Blue Décor

It’s easy to bring the calming vibes of blue to central rooms like the living room and family room. Navy blue is currently popular and this tone coordinates with many other colors, so you can keep your existing color scheme and just add some navy blue pieces. One appealing method is to create a subtle nautical theme featuring white and shades of blue. Possibilities include:

  • Some white cushions with navy blue anchor emblems.
  • A white and navy striped woven rug for your doormat.
  • White linen curtains with navy blue stitching.
  • A wall shelf made of frosted glass and filled with seashells and vintage blue books.
  • A coffee table centerpiece made of a blue glass vase filled with white flowers.
  • A gallery wall of assorted blue and white antique plates.

Blue: The Perfect Boy’s Bedroom Color

Blue is an appealing color for a boy’s bedroom whether your son is an infant or a teen. Many families do decorate the nursery with baby blue, but there’s no need to abandon blue entirely as your little guy gets older. Bright blue pairs perfectly with sports themes, animal themes, and nature themes. Navy works with sports themes as well, but is also a great choice for teens seeking to leave “kiddie” décor behind. Likewise, gray-blue makes a terrific wall color even as your teen becomes a young adult. Great pairings for blue walls of any shade include natural wood furniture, hard wood floors, and metal hardware and accents.

Blue Works in Other Bedrooms, Too

While it’s a classic choice for boys’ rooms, the color blue can also contribute to the creation of a lovely girl’s bedroom or master suite. Traditionally feminine looks involving blue include floral patterns on a white background and tropical beach themes. In the master suite, subtle blue-gray tones are perfect for walls, area rugs, and curtains. They help maintain a serene atmosphere and can function as the backdrop for many other color combinations.

Why Blue Should Not Dominate Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Since blue is such a calming shade, it is also known to repress appetite. For this reason, many decorators prefer to look to other shades for the main color in a dining room or kitchen. There is no need to banish blue from these rooms entirely, though. Creative ideas include:

  • Blue glass decanter for your soap dish.
  • Blue-gray cloth napkins.
  • Framed landscape print with blue water or sky

Work with ABC when Improving Your Home

If you’re redecorating with blue – or any other color – you can depend on the ABC Glass and Mirror team for the mirrors and custom glass fixtures that complete your desired look. From clear glass shower enclosures to framed mirrors and custom glass shelves, we have the products you need along with installation by glass professionals. Give us a call at 703-257-7150 to learn more or contact us online!