You can depend on ABC Glass and Mirror for all your residential and commercial mirror needs!

Whether you’re remodeling, building a new home, or redecorating a professional space, ABC is ready to deliver the high-quality mirrors needed to meet your practical needs and achieve the desired look.  From simple stock mirrors to extra-large wall mirrors and unique custom designs, we bring you the choices you deserve along with courteous service every step of the way.

Mirrors from ABC are backed by a warranty, cut to your specifications, and designed to fit in your particular space.

You can also opt for professional installation of your mirrors for a stress-free project from start to finish.  Explore your options by scheduling a no-obligation, complimentary meeting with one of our glaziers – call 703-257-7150 today!

For over a decade, ABC Glass and Mirror has been serving local homeowners and businesspersons by offering a fantastic selection of:

Whether your project is replacing a single beveled mirror, installing vanity mirrors throughout an apartment complex, or adorning your bistro with a wall mirror, ABC Glass and Mirror will give it the care and attention it deserves. We offer a free consultation at your home or commercial site so that you can conveniently view product samples, get answers to your questions, and receive tips and insights tailored to your specific space. Additionally, our estimator will take careful measurements and check for special structural conditions such as walls that are out of plumb or corners that do not form right angles.

Mirrors from ABC can be fabricated to standard dimensions or customized to your specific preferences.

For instance, we can add cut-outs to any mirror to accommodate existing fixtures such as wall mounted sconces, outlets, or light switches. Our team can also cut mirror glass into unique geometric shapes such as triangle, diamond, or trapezoid.

Our selection of vanity mirrors allows you to choose the perfect look for each bathroom in your home while simultaneously meeting your family’s needs for convenient mirror space.  From a simple oval mirror for the powder room to a large framed vanity mirror for the master suite, ABC’s custom mirrors are must-haves for your bathrooms!

Beveled mirrors are among our most popular products, and they are distinguished by the bevel – angled edge – around the perimeter of the mirror. This small detail creates a subtle border and dresses up the mirror glass. Beveled mirrors work well in many settings including over the vanity, in an entryway, above a fireplace mantle, or on any wall that needs adornment.

Mirrored walls can dramatically change the look and feel of a room by making it seem bigger and by reflecting its most appealing features. ABC offers very large mirrors, but if the entrance to a room restricts the mirror size, we can still create a mirror wall by installing several adjacent mirrors or creating a “tiled” look with a number of small mirrors.

The ABC team can help you preserve a room’s vintage charm through the use of “antique” mirror.  An antique mirror offers an aged appearance that makes them the perfect choice for old world style décor schemes and the refurbishing of antique dressers and hutches.

Custom mirrors are available for situations that call for something special.

Do you want to cover an irregular bathroom wall space with mirror glass?  Does your décor scheme call for a mirror with an unusual shape?  Are you working around structural flaws such as surfaces that are not level?  For all mirror dilemmas, contact ABC and we’ll work with you to solve the problem with one of our custom mirrors!