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Custom glass opens up tons of ways to redesign your home office without a large-scale remodel. Whether you bring in one or several sheets of specialty glass, it’s sure to make an impact on the room’s overall look and feel. Do you want your workspace to be more organized? Would you like to give it modern and professional vibes? Do you want to make the space seem larger? A wide range of décor goals can be reached through the addition of custom glass.

1. Cover your desk or table with a glass top. A custom glass table top is a quick, contemporary fix for an office work surface that is scratched or ugly. You can simply brighten up your desk by adding a sheet of clear glass; camouflage dents and stains with a frosted, patterned, or tinted glass top; or keep the old top 100% out of sight under a piece of back painted glass. Try pairing this upgrade with another easy change such as replacing your office chair or adding a unique desk lamp!

2. Have glass shelves installed for instant storage options. Glass shelves can be custom fabricated to fit on your specific wall space, and many different hanging systems are available. The addition of glass shelves makes it easy to organize your home office. Everything remains handy on these open shelves, and they can function as bookshelves or as surfaces on which to store bins and trays full of office supplies. Glass shelving is extremely versatile in dimensions and appearance. ABC Glass and Mirror, for example, sells glass shelving that is –

  • clear
  • patterned
  • frosted

(Design tip: If you’re also ordering a new top for your desk, choose the same kind of glass for the shelves for a unified look.)

3. Create an accent wall with a covering of back painted glass. Nothing will make your office look professional like an accent wall covered with back painted glass in the color of your choice. Known by the brand name “Dreamwalls,” the back painted glass offered by ABC is created by applying paint and a protective backing to ultra-clear glass. The unpainted surface faces outward, for a look that combines your chosen hue with the brilliance of low iron glass. (Hint: If you choose white back painted glass for your accent wall, it can double as a dry erase board!) Back painted glass is actually used in many commercial settings because of the crisp look and ease of cleaning that come with it.

4. Hang a wall mirror to make your workspace look roomier. A medium to large wall mirror will not only beautify barren wall space, but will also visually expand your office. You can hang a mirror over a piece of furniture or a fixture such as a low book shelf or a fireplace. However, another option is to create a mirror wall by completely covering one wall with reflective glass. If you want to go this route, ABC Glass and Mirror can add custom cut-outs to your mirror so that it will fit around outlets and light switches. Decorators often select standard mirror glass, but “antique” mirror is also available if you want to soften the look or recreate the feel of days gone by.

5. Give an office cupboard a makeover with cabinet glass. Is there a piece of furniture that’s seen better days in your home office? Cabinet glass is an ideal method for resurrecting old cabinets. “Cabinet glass” is the term for glass panels that can replace the original door fronts on cupboard doors. It is available in clear, patterned, and frosted styles and can harmonize with many modes of décor. Clear cabinet glass can be especially useful in a home office setting if you like to keep everything in view for easy access to the tools and materials you need to get your job done.

6. Opt for a glass partition wall for your home office. Is your home office just a corner of the living room with a desk in it? Do you need to create a workspace that is separate from the general living space? One or more glass partition walls will do the job! Depending on how secluded you wish to be, the walls can be made from transparent glass, translucent privacy glass, or opaque back painted glass. Having even one partition installed gives you privacy, reminds family members that you are working, and delineates “job space” from “home space,” which can promote balance and the ability to relax when you’re done with work for the day.

7. Replace the door to your home office. Assuming that you have an entire room for an office, it probably has a standard interior door. If you’d like to save space and give your office its own unique charm, consider replacing the traditional door with a rolling “barn style” glass door. This is comprised of a glass panel that hangs from and rolls along a metal bar. The door does not take up floor space by swinging open, and it brings together barn style apparatus and a fresh, modern look. (If there is currently an open walkway into your home office, the addition of such a door is a fantastic way to boost privacy without compromising space!)

If you’d like to learn more about one or more of these options for renovating your home office with custom glass, just give ABC Glass and Mirror a call at (703)257-7150. We’d be happy to send one of our estimators to your home for a free, no-obligation meeting. We’ll follow up with an emailed estimate for your consideration and are available to answer any questions about the project!