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Barn style sliding glass shower doors bring together the charm of traditional barn doors, the space efficiency of sliding shower doors, and the modern elegance of frameless glass. Say good-bye to your uninspiring shower curtain and hello to the latest in shower design with barn door style sliding glass shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror.

  • Barn style – Operating like traditional barn doors throughout the country, these innovative shower doors add personality to your bathroom.
  • Space efficiency – Just like true barn doors, these shower doors make the most of available space by sliding in front of an adjacent wall to open.
  • Frameless glass – Frameless glass is hands-down the most popular choice of designers and do-it-yourself home decorators alike. Paired with clear glass, it showcases tile-work, is easy to clean, and creates the illusion of space.

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Shower Doors with the Versatility You Need

A barn style frameless shower enclosure can be added to most bathrooms in Northern Virginia homes. In fact, this design is ideal for bathrooms without a lot of extra floor space around the shower entrance. Since the door opens by sliding – rather than swinging – you never have to worry about it striking a cabinet or fixture or blocking access to another part of the room. This type of door system requires no more space than a shower curtain but adds so much more to the bathroom in terms of home fashion!

Barn Style Shower Enclosure Configurations

Two pieces of glass are integral to a barn style sliding glass shower door system: the sliding door panel and the fixed wall of glass next to it. The door panel is hung on a metal header that extends across the top of the enclosure. It slides past the fixed wall on rollers along the header for smooth, space friendly operation. When needed, one or two 90º glass returns are added to the shower to finish off the enclosure.

Frameless Design for Rolling Barn Style Shower Doors

All sheets of glass on our barn style shower enclosures are frameless and give your shower a sleek, contemporary look. In lieu of framing, glaziers use thicker glass, metal clips, and caulk joints to construct the glass shower. Without the start and stop of framing, an enclosure gains a seamless, flowing ambiance.

Barn Style Sliding Glass Shower Doors vs. Bypass Doors

Many homeowners are familiar with bypass shower door systems but have not heard of barn style sliding glass shower doors. Let’s take a quick look at how the two compare:


  • sliding door operation
  • space efficient
  • glass door panels


  • barn style has 1 door panel; bypass has 2 door panels
  • barn style doors roll along header; bypass doors slide in metal tracking
  • barn style doors are frameless; bypass doors are semi-frameless

Both barn style sliding shower doors and bypass shower doors provide the beauty of glass along with convenient sliding door movement. However, barn style sliding doors also offer the modern elegance of frameless glass.

Barn Style Frameless Shower Door Installation

Installing shower doors can be a daunting task, so ABC is here to take away the headache and guesswork. Call 703-257-7150 and set-up a free in-home consultation with one of our estimators, who will measure your shower area and show you product samples and photos. Our team will follow-up with an emailed price quote that includes installation by trained glaziers.  Partnering with ABC makes it easy to upgrade your bathroom with a barn style sliding glass shower door!

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