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Using interior glass walls in a home is a wonderful way to make the living space bright, open, and up-to-date. Glass walls take up less space than standard sheetrock walls, and they can instantly make an area look larger. Moreover, different styles are possible since the interior glass walls can be framed or frameless and can be built from many different types of glass. There are many places where a glass partition wall could be used instead of a traditional non load-bearing wall in a home.

Bedroom Uses for Interior Glass Walls

Glass walls can be used in bedroom settings in a few different ways. In some master suites, a frosted, patterned, or clear glass panel is all that is needed to separate the bathroom fixtures from the rest of the room. This gives the suite a luxurious, spacious ambiance. A glass partition wall can also be used to create private spaces for siblings who share a room. Glass partitions are removable, so the room does not have to remain divided when the children move out or you decide to sell the house. In large bedrooms, a half wall of glass can mark off a reading nook, a play space, or a sitting area.

Interior Glass Walls in Your Main Living Area

Bringing glass walls into the main living space is a bold décor choice, and one that can effect a positive transformation. In large living rooms, a clear glass partition wall system can delineate a separate office, study, library, or parlor. Visually, the living room retains its original dimensions, but you now have a quiet nook for reading, catching up on work projects, doing schoolwork, or chatting with a friend. Additionally, if you have a great-room, frosted or patterned glass panels can be installed to obscure less attractive features such as the kitchen sink or an entryway that gets cluttered with shoes and coats.

Kitchen and Dining Room Interior Glass Walls

Glass walls and room dividers are a functional choice for spaces where cooking and eating happen. This is because they are likely to fall victim to spills, splatters, and rogue food crumbs. Unlike painted drywall, glass can easily be spot cleaned, washed, and even sanitized. Uses in this part of the house include:

  • Defining the dining room boundaries while preserving the look of “open concept” living space. (Install one or more clear glass walls between the kitchen and dining room or living room and dining room.)
  • Creating a separate breakfast nook or bar area in a large kitchen. (By screening an eating or drinking area behind a half wall of frosted glass, you can make it feel more cozy and inviting.)
  • Making a mini home office in one corner of a spacious dining room or kitchen. (Place a small desk in the corner with a few shelves above it; put in a glass screen to divide this corner from the rest of the room; add a desk lamp and your computer!)

Installing an Interior Glass Wall in a Bathroom

Glass is a popular choice for bathroom projects these days, and there are a few ways to utilize a glass wall here.

  • Some homeowners choose an open bathroom design with just a single panel dividing the shower area from the rest of the room. Of course fully tiled walls and floor are desirable!
  • When home designers have poured themselves into fashioning a luxurious master bathroom, the toilet can be an aesthetic fly in the ointment. Camouflaging this appliance behind a frosted, patterned, or back painted glass panel is an excellent solution.
  • In high traffic bathrooms used by multiple siblings on busy school mornings, a full or partial wall of frosted glass is great for creating a private space for dressing or using the commode.

ABC Glass and Mirror Can Customize an Interior Glass Wall for Your Space

The ABC team will work with home and business owners to design custom glass interior walls. From decisions about whether to use framing to determining the correct dimensions for the glass panels, our experienced glaziers will work with you each step of the way. Give us a call at (703)257-7150 if you’d like to discuss your project with an in-house glass specialist or make an appointment for a free visit from one of our estimators.