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If you’re experiencing a bathroom design SOS, turn to glass when you need to improve the space without a complete renovation. Visually appealing and functional for bathroom use, glass is a material that can transform the aura of your bathroom and update its style. Let’s take a look at four amazing possibilities.

1. Switch to a clear glass shower door.

If your shower is currently enclosed with an opaque shower curtain or with privacy glass, consider giving clear glass a try. This change will affect the ambiance of both the shower enclosure and the bathroom in general, making both seem larger and more open.

Standard clear glass is fine for most shower door and enclosure needs. However, if you are bothered by the slight greenish tinge that appears around the edges of glass, you can upgrade to ultra-clear glazing. This is glass with lower iron content. Since it is the iron in the glass that causes the green around the border, reducing the iron lessens the discoloration.

If you choose this method of improving your bathroom, you may also want to make some minor improvements to the shower’s interior since it will now in plain sight. Possibilities include:

– Giving the shower interior a deep cleaning.
– Having the tile re-grouted.
– Adding a new organizational system, whether it be a quick fix like a hanging shower caddy or something more permanent   like small glass shelves.

updated bathroom with a toilet and standing glass shower

2. Have a back-painted glass backsplash installed.

Another way you can update and beautify a bathroom with glass is by having a back-painted glass backsplash put in behind the sink. Back-painted glass, as the name suggests, is ultra-clear glass that has been painted on one side. (A protective coating is also added to the back to safeguard the paint.)

This eye-catching glass is available in stock and custom colors, so you can decide whether the backsplash should be a subtle neutral or a brilliant burst of color. Glass backsplashes can be seamless, or you may wish to choose small tile-like pieces of various colors. These can be arranged in a pattern or design. Whether you go with a sleek, seamless look or a mosaic-style backsplash, this installation will instantly add style and visual appeal to your bathroom.

3. Highlight your vanity mirror.

Your bathroom is likely already adorned with glass in the form of a vanity mirror. Put this panel of reflective glass to work in your bathroom décor by highlighting and accentuating it.

One way to do this (for most stock sized vanity mirrors) is by working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. to add a frame to your existing mirror. A number of looks and styles are available for these frames, and adding one gives the impression of a whole new vanity mirror.

Another option is to simply add items that complement the vanity mirror and harmonize with it to create a lovely focal point on the wall above the sink. Possibilities include:

– Installing wall sconces on either side of the mirror.
– Hanging a small sparkling chandelier above the mirror.
– Creating your own border for the mirror using items such as seashells, driftwood, or flat pebbles.

4. Maximize bathroom storage with glass shelves on the wall behind the toilet.

In many bathrooms there is both a storage issue and wasted wall space behind the commode. Have a set of shallow glass shelves installed on this wall and use it to address the room’s storage issues. From extra toilet paper, to rolled washcloths and hand towels, to décor accent items, there will be tons of ways to fill these shelves.

What’s more, the shelves themselves can serve as bathroom decorations. Shelving can be custom cut to fit on your wall and can be made from clear, frosted, or patterned glass to coordinate with other glass fixtures already present.

If you’d like to add a shower door, glass backsplash, frame for a vanity mirror, new vanity mirror, glass shelving, or another glass fixture to your bathroom, just call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150! We’ll set up a time for one of our knowledgeable glaziers to visit your house, inspect the bathroom, take measurements as needed, and answer your questions. ABC will also provide you with a free, no obligationquote. Call today to learn more!

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