If you’re remodeling your home or making changes to your commercial space, don’t finalize your plans without considering glass partition walls. While they’ve always been perfect for many residential and business settings, glass walls are especially relevant today as we value surfaces that are easy to disinfect. They’re also perfect for many of the unique situations we face, such as offering in-person service to customers while keeping everyone separated with barriers against germs.

Glass Office Dividers for Staff Returning to the Workplace

custom glass office dividers

Are employees returning to the office after working remotely for months? If desks and work areas are in close proximity to one another, you are probably looking to divide the space into cubicles. Opaque partitions will totally change the open atmosphere of your business and might make workers feel isolated and cramped. However, glass dividers hardly change the ambiance at all. Employees can still see each other, natural light is not blocked, and supervisors can still monitor productivity with ease. Instead of detracting from the office environment, glass screens actually add an attractive sheen and reflective quality.

Customized Glass Walls as a Commercial Design Element

custom glass walls for commercial design elements

At the same time, many commercial spaces are designed with glass walls from the start. Enclosing meeting rooms, offices, and lobbies with glass walls is a beautiful and stylish choice at any time. A custom glass shop such as ABC Glass & Mirror can bring a unique design idea to life. For instance, we can create a glass walled conference room within a larger space by putting up glass panels to form a room in the shape you desire – square, rectangle, hexagon, etc. Glass wall systems can be tweaked and adjusted to the specific needs of a company, with options such as frameless construction, glass doors, and various glass styles.

Transaction Screens and Sneeze Guards for Covid-19 Mitigation

Custom transaction screens and sneeze guards

Glass itself isn’t ideal for screens in high traffic areas like checkout lines, but acrylic and polycarbonate sheets are an ideal glass alternative. Both look similar to glass, but are much stronger. Like glass, acrylic and polycarbonate don’t absorb dirt or odors, and it’s easy to wipe them down and disinfect them throughout the day. As the need for service screens has arisen, ABC Glass & Mirror has started offering a couple options for adding them to your retail or office space. We stock DIY kits for screens that are easy to assemble and convenient to move and put in place. But if you need more permanent screens or have a challenging installation situation, we can professionally install custom shields.

Glass Room Dividers for Home Design and Remodeling

custom glass room dividers for home design

While you might think of glass walls as more suited to commercial spaces than to your home, they are actually a nice option for many situations whether you’re designing a new house or remodeling your existing one. For example, if you’ve switched to teleworking every day, glass screens are perfect for delineating your “home office” within the living room or bedroom. Glass walls are also an excellent first choice for separating:

• The kitchen from the dining room

• The master bathroom from the bedroom

• The homeschool room from the dining room

• And so on

Compared to typical frame and sheetrock walls, glass walls are much easier to relocate or remove if you decide to re-work your living space.

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