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Team Velocity, a Herndon-based automotive marketing company, has a new conference room that matches its cutting-edge, innovative brand – thanks to ABC Glass and Mirror. Sharing little in common with the conference rooms of old, Team Velocity’s newly upgraded space is demarcated by a curving wall of glass rather than four walls of painted drywall. To achieve this desired look, Team Velocity partnered with respected local specialists in custom glass – ABC Glass and Mirror of Manassas Park…

Enclosing a circular space with flat panels of glass in an aesthetically pleasing manner is doable, but not simple. The process began with an inspection of the space and preliminary measurements by Tom and then final measurements and precise calculations by Micah and Tom. Using this data, the ABC warehouse team had the appropriate glass fabricated to build the partition and glass door…

On May 22, 2018 glaziers Micah, Juan, Aaron, and Edgar arrived at Team Velocity’s Herndon headquarters to install the partition. Sheets of frameless clear glass were carefully transported into the building and then put in place at just the right angles to gracefully enclose the circular conference area. This transparent partition is finished off with a Herculite door. Constructed from clear glass with sleek metallic strips at the top and bottom, the Herculite door coordinates with the frameless partition and the contemporary style of the overall space. The entire installation – glass partition and door – was completed on the same day, May 22..

a man on a latter and the ground installing glass for the meeting roommeeting room with five chairs in the center and glass all around as walls

Team Velocity’s choice for the conference room partition makes the space unique and appealing. The clear, frameless glass establishes a barrier between the conference room and the surrounding area without visibly separating them or obscuring the view through the conference room’s windows. This ensures that the open, spacious ambiance of both the conference room and the adjoining space are preserved. Additionally, by maintaining the circular design suggested by the ceiling structure, we have created a non-traditional conference room that combines visual harmony with edgy design trends..

Team Velocity’s modern and vibrant glass conference room is achieved through state-of-the-art glazing techniques and a simple, minimalistic design that fittingly represents a company which “simplifies the sales and service process, automates marketing, minimizes wasted advertising dollars, and guarantees a true return on investment.”  Through careful workmanship and a commitment to quality, ABC Glass is able to bring creative visions, like the Team Velocity conference room, to reality. If you have an idea for a custom glass design for your home or business, call us today at 703-257-7150.

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