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It’s easy to make bathroom organization a reality in 2021 with these simple tips and ideas. If you have recently remodeled or are planning to upgrade to a glass shower enclosure, organizing the space is especially important. In a messy, cluttered bathroom your beautiful shower and other renovations can’t really shine. But if remodeling the bathroom is still a future goal, getting it organized is a wonderful way to improve its ambiance for the time being. After organizing, you can also consider an inexpensive master suite makeover for a fresh feel without the cost of a major overhaul. And when the time is right, ABC Glass & Mirror offers custom glass showers, mirrors, and more.

Cut Back on What’s in the Bathroom

One reason bathrooms tend to get cluttered is because they end up housing far more items than is necessary. Are there empty shampoo bottles or dull razors in the shower? How about the vanity? Chances are you’ll find items like expired medicine, broken curling irons, beauty products you’ve stopped using, and the like. If the bathroom is small, you might also want to relocate some of your extra towels and toilet paper to a storage cabinet or closet outside of (but close to) the bathroom. Be sure to do this step first as it will make organizing easier and give you a better idea of whether you need to add more storage options.

Add Storage Options that Look Beautiful

If you find you need more places to store stuff in the bathroom, be sure to choose storage solutions that also add to its aesthetic appeal. Glass shelves really embody this because they look amazing on their own while simultaneously giving you surfaces on which to place your belongings or bins and baskets to fill with items. Other possibilities include:

•  Ordering a chic corner cabinet.

•  Hanging a cute caddy from the shower head.

•  Putting a stylish bin beneath a wall mounted sink.

Whatever you choose, be sure your storage solutions match your organization style and décor preferences. Besides adding attractive storage options, you can store things in a visually pleasing way. For example, try rolling your colorful towels and stacking them in little pyramids on your shelves.

Make the Most of Unused Wall Space

In small bathrooms you might have to get creative in order to add more storage. However, many bathrooms have unused wall space where shelves can be installed. The wall behind the toilet is an example, but also consider:

•  A narrow shelf wrapping around the bathroom high enough to avoid furniture but still reachable.

•  Shelves inside the shower stall.

•  A shelf below the vanity mirror.

If even wall space is in short supply, another possibility is adding an organizer or counter cubby to the vanity top.

ABC Is Your Partner in Bathroom Beautification

Whether you need to add a few glass shelves or want to order the shower of your dreams, the ABC team is here to help. No project is too large or small, and we work with you from design through installation to achieve your goals for functionality and style. To learn more or to set up a free in-home meeting with an estimator, call us at (703)257-7150!

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