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If your master suite is not feeling very “sweet,” give it a makeover this weekend. These DIY home décor tips can help you transform your bedroom and bathroom from boring, functional space to a cozy, romantic retreat. Take a fresh look at your master suite, see its full potential, and make some easy changes for a new and improved style without the time and expense of remodeling.

Declutter to Reveal the Attractive Features that Are Already There

Decluttering might not be what you had in mind when you looked up decorating tips, but it’s often the perfect place to start. Dresser tops become catch-all surfaces, shoes never make it into the closet, and then there’s that pile of clothing……is it clean or dirty?? Even the bathroom can fall prey to clutter with too many shampoo bottles in the glass shower and toiletry items spread across the vanity. Before the real master suite makeover can begin, everything needs to be put in its place, and this often involves throwing away and donating as well as stashing items in drawers, closets, and bins. Once you’ve decluttered and organized your bedroom and master bath, you can get a true view of your space and its potential.

Use Colors to Meld the Two Rooms into a Unified Suite

One way to make this part of your house more appealing is by adding tranquil, peaceful vibes, and continuity of color scheme from bedroom to bathroom is a wonderful place to start. There are a few different ways you can approach this:

  • Bring the bedroom colors into the bathroom. If you like the current bedroom color combo and don’t want to purchase a new bedspread, add bedroom tones to the bathroom. Often this requires just a couple changes, such as new hand towels and bath mat, or an updated shower curtain and soap dish.
  • Bring the bathroom colors into the bedroom. On the other hand, you might like your existing bathroom color scheme better than the one in the bedroom. Assuming that clashing isn’t an issue, it easy to introduce a new color into a bedroom by way of throw pillows, a blanket folded at the foot of the bed, or even plush bedside rugs.
  • Bring in a new color scheme throughout. Depending on your budget for the master suite makeover, you can totally update your colors with a trip to a local home décor store. New towels, rugs, bedding and curtains will instantly refresh both spaces. If you don’t want to make that kind of investment, however, you can alter and unify your color schemes by adding the same accent color to both rooms. If your bedroom and bathroom currently include a variety of hues, you could anchor everything by bringing in a neutral tone. An example would be black throw pillows, bedside rugs, bath towels, and bath mat.  Alternatively, a bright accent color can meld a bathroom and bedroom that are mostly neutral.

Add Luxurious Touches to Improve Ambiance

If the master suite is your romantic retreat, it needs to look the part. Bringing in luxurious textures, vibrant surfaces, rich colors, and comforting amenities helps create the desired atmosphere. Easy additions include:

  • Soft, velvety throw draped over a chair or sofa.
  • Framed wall mirror above the dresser or makeup table.
  • “Spa basket” filled with lotions, soaps, bath salts, and sea sponges.
  • Glass shelves lined with candles in fancy holders.
  • Meaningful décor items such as a framed wedding picture, scrapbooks and albums in a charming wooden bookcase, or souvenirs from a trip you took as a couple.

Shop for Beautiful Bedding

Since the bed is typically the most prominent piece of furniture in a master suite, replacing the bedclothes is an effective way to refresh the entire room. Buying a new comforter, bed skirt, and shams is easy and brings your space into harmony with modern décor trends. It’s also the perfect opportunity for changing your color scheme or the room’s overall theme. If you decide to go this route, see if the store where you purchase the bedding also sells a matching bathroom set. Buying two or three coordinating items for the bathroom will update it and tie it in with the sleeping area.

Make the Bathroom Shine

In addition to decluttering, deep cleaning the bathroom can make a big difference. Glass shower doors and shelves can be marred by water spots or soap scum; the vanity mirror might be speckled and streaked; and hairspray residue and dust can accumulate on just about any surface. You might be surprised at just how much better the master bath looks with the clutter gone and everything sparkling clean. Finish this off with some new accessories or luxurious towels to effect additional change. Possibilities include:

  • Linen bath towels
  • Memory foam bathmat
  • Updated wall hanging
  • New toothbrush holder, cup, and soap dispenser set
  • Classy containers for storing toilet paper and toilet brush

Give Your Space a Fresh Theme

Another fun way to unify the bedroom and bathroom into one charming suite is by giving both rooms a common theme. Is there a particular style of décor that appeals to you both? Perhaps a coastal, modern, cottage, or farmhouse theme is right for your home. With new color choices and some fresh accent items, you can give your master suite a new style this weekend.

  • Coastal: For coastal vibes consider a white and blue palette for your bedding and bath linens, woven mats on the floors, and beach themed knick-knacks for your bedside tables and vanity counter. You could even add a sea shell or driftwood frame to your vanity mirror.
  • Modern: Unframed wall mirrors, abstract art, industrial hardware, and furniture made of wood and metal are all options for modernizing your bedroom and bathroom.
  • Cottage: Cottage style decorating can include antique mirror glass, a pale neutral palette, patchwork quilts, and a coat of white paint on your worn out wooden furniture.
  • Farmhouse: Buy a headboard made from reclaimed barnwood, a rolling barn-style bathroom door, or a rustic ceiling light to create the feeling of a farmhouse bedroom.

What If a Weekend Makeover Isn’t Enough?

When we start decluttering, cleaning, and updating décor, we sometimes notice more serious problems such as cracked window glass, a leaky shower enclosure, or lack of sufficient storage. If any part of your home needs glass or mirror, ABC can help. We offer both custom and standard designs and dimensions for glass showers, wall mirrors, glass shelving, glass table tops and more. In addition we can replace damaged window glass or install safety glass in high risk areas.

If you’d like to learn more, just call our office at (703)257-7150 and set up an appointment for one of our estimators to visit your home. This initial consultation is offered free of charge and with no obligation to order from us. Having a glazier visit your home allows him or her to inspect and measure the space in question, offer personalized product options and recommendations, and answer any questions that come up. We will follow up with an emailed price quote in 24-48 hours. Give us a ring to learn more or schedule a meeting!