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One of today’s hottest bathroom trends involves bringing natural or nature-inspired items into your design. The difficulties of 2020 have deepened our appreciation for the soothing power of nature, so we’re making it part of our décor. Check out 5 specific ways to include this trend in your next bathroom makeover or remodel.

1. Add living plants to your bathroom.

One of the easiest – and potentially cheapest – ways to include nature is by decorating with living plants. This can be as simple as putting a potted plant or vase of flowers on the vanity counter. If space allows, potted trees stationed on the floor also make a lovely statement. On the other end of the spectrum, you could invest more time and money by creating a living wall or vertical garden beside your bathtub. However you want to use green plants, it’s vital to choose species that can stay alive in a bathroom’s varied and often humid atmosphere. Marlen Komar of Apartment Therapy describes “The 10 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom”, which include Bird’s Nest Fern, Aloe Vera, and Gardenia. Different plants on the list thrive with more or less sunlight, but Komar points out that at least one bathroom window is a must for living plants. Windowless bathroom? Try dried or artificial plants or read on for more nature inspired ideas.

2. Cover one or more walls with nature themed wallpaper.

If you have a black thumb or no bathroom window, you can still enjoy some of the beauty of plants through your choice of wallpaper. Both peel-and-stick and traditional products are popular right now, especially if they have nature-based patterns. Not surprisingly, most of the featured wallpapers in Veranda’s “You Should be Wallpapering Your Bathroom. Here’s How to Do It.” article feature plant and/or animal patterns – from flowers to fish to jungle scenes! The article also points out that bathroom wallpaper must either be placed where it won’t be exposed to water or given an appropriate protective coating.

3. Use natural materials and components.

You can also use genuinely natural items (that don’t need to be watered!) by choosing wood and stone. Kristine McGuirk of Better Homes and Gardens highlights the quartz countertop trend, and other possibilities include:

  • Stone sinks, floor tiles, wall tiles, and shower tiles
  • Shellacked, varnished, or raw wood vanities
  • Exposed wood ceiling beams (or faux beams)
  • Stone soaker tubs
  • Bamboo bath mats

4. Go green in your bathroom.

While green (as in, environmentally friendly) bathroom fixtures are a wonderful option, the green we’re talking about here is the color. Shades of green are among today’s trending bathroom color choices, and there are various ways to use this shade.

  • Paint the walls a bold or edgy green.
  • Paper one wall with a green, nature-themed print.
  • Use green back painted glass as a backsplash, accent wall covering, or shower wall panel.
  • Play it safe and introduce green through smaller items like towels, bath mats, and window treatments.

5. Choose a clear glass shower enclosure to show off marble tile.

As pointed out by Homes and Gardens, marble tile is another trending product, and it looks fantastic in any shower stall. If you have marble or other stone shower tile, don’t hide it behind a shower curtain. A clear frameless shower enclosure is the best option for containing water while showing off marble tiles. Products are available for just about any shower stall and bathroom:

  • Fixed or hinged shower screen
  • French doors
  • In-line door and panel
  • Rolling “barn style” door system
  • Neo-angle corner shower enclosure
  • Right angle corner shower enclosure
  • Custom enclosure designs

If you’re ready to add a glass shower enclosure or other custom glass installation, we invite you to contact ABC Glass & Mirror online or call us at (703)257-7150. From shower enclosures to mirrors to back painted glass and more, we will deliver and install the custom glass needed to complete your bathroom design.

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