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Caroline Biggs of explores current bathroom trends and the hottest colors in bathroom design. After the difficulties of 2020 onward, we want bathrooms that go beyond utilitarian spaces. More than ever before, today’s bathrooms serve as retreats from the busyness of life, places for relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation. Along with using lovely materials, choosing the perfect paint color gives the space your desired vibe. Here are 5 shades expected to dominate bathroom design this year.

Hues of Light Blue

Delicate blues are a classic pick for bathroom walls, but they remain fashionable today. Pale blue with gray undertones is a fabulous choice. In fact, some of these stylish hues might even appear more like gray with a blue tinge. Homeowners also appreciate pale blues in ocean inspired tones because the connection to the beach creates a soothing and renewing ambiance.

How ABC can help – Does the idea of sea-themed blue bathroom walls appeal to you? ABC Glass & Mirror can help you add the perfect accent items to enhance the coastal mood without being kitschy or outdated. Clear glass wall shelves are understated and modern. Fill them with rolled towels along with a piece of driftwood or a jar of shells to evoke your favorite beach vacation without overdoing it.

Edgy and Bold Greens

Deep greens are on the other end of the spectrum in some ways, but they’re also drawn from natural elements. Styles lean toward greens that are “deep,” “moody,” and “elegant.” At the same time, steer away from anything that will be too dark for your space.

How ABC can help – If you’re hesitant to drench all of your walls in “Moody Greens,” back painted glass provides an alternative. It is low-iron glass with paint and a protective coating applied to its back. Custom paint colors can be used, so you can special order back painted glass in any shade you want (including a daring shade of green!) Use this colored glass for a seamless backsplash or a shower wall panel if you want to include a trending color in your bathroom while leaving much of it neutral.

Neutrals with Warm Undertones

Speaking of neutrals, playing it safe with bathroom wall color is still a trending choice. Warm shades of white and off white, as well as deeper, richer tones are favored for bathroom walls. These hues give you a “neutral backdrop” for your bathroom décor, and they coordinate with most tile, hardware finishes, and sanitaryware.

How ABC can help – Do you have a wooden vanity that needs a makeover? It’s hard to beat the warm neutral of wood tones, but a dated vanity will benefit from some tweaks. ABC Glass & Mirror can often replace the original wood cabinet door fronts with glass for an instant update. Cabinet glass is available in clear, patterned, and frosted styles, so you can hide or showcase the vanity contents.

Earth-Inspired Yellows

If you were surprised to see green on this list, get ready for daring yellows. Rich shades of yellow can actually promote a warm ambiance and should be complemented with natural materials and simple accent items. 

How ABC can help – What could be more warming than sunlight? Take full advantage of your bathroom window – and the sunshine pouring through it – by having your window panes replaced with privacy glass. With frosted or patterned window glass, you don’t need curtains or blinds to keep neighbors from seeing into the bathroom, which means no more blocking natural light to maintain privacy.

Simple White Paint

Pure white walls provide a clean feel and can help you unwind, so this timeless choice is still a fantastic option for refreshing your bathroom walls. For an updated take on white walls, consider white tiles with light gray grout.

How ABC can help – There are actually a few different ways we can help you integrate crisp white fixtures into your bathroom:

  • White back painted glass wall covering, backsplash, shower wall panel, or wall art
  • Frosted glass shower door, enclosure, or screen
  • Frosted glass shelves
  • Frosted cabinet glass

Team up with ABC to make bathroom improvements easier.

ABC Glass & Mirror is a family company with years of experience improving and updating bathrooms through custom glass and mirror. Whether you want to introduce a trending color through back painted glass, are ready to replace your shower curtain with glass, or have some other project in mind, we’d love to partner with you – (703)257-7150.

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