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While clear glass is a popular décor element, some shower enclosures call for privacy glass.

While clear glass is a popular décor element, some shower enclosures call for privacy glass. When considering design ideas and weighing the pros and cons of transparent vs. obscure glass, it’s important to consider both practical and aesthetic goals. Privacy glass is a popular pick when:

  • The bathroom is shared by multiple users such as siblings.
  • The bathroom’s users prefer a more secluded shower area.
  • A design scheme calls for distinctive glass with a textured pattern, acid etching, or tinting.
  • The shower enclosure is in an open concept master suite.
  • A bathroom is being remodeled with resale appeal in mind.

Let’s take a look at 5 privacy glass design ideas, corresponding to the situations mentioned above, but suitable for use in any bathroom you choose.

1. Frameless Enclosure with Pattern-62 Glass for Kids’ Bathroom

In a bathroom shared by sisters or by brothers, one child may be brushing teeth or using the toilet while another showers. There are a few steps you can take to make such a space as convenient and user-friendly as possible:

  • Have an obscure glass screen installed to separate the toilet from the rest of the room.
  • Provide privacy for the shower area with a knee wall.
  • Create an L-shaped room with separate areas for bathing and using the sink or toilet.

These may not always be feasible, but you can always design the shower enclosure to maximize its usefulness. Choose frameless construction to give it a stylish, contemporary vibe and select patterned glass that significantly obscures vision, such as the popular Pattern-62 option. This gives a kids’ bathroom an on-trend look AND the convenience of a more private shower stall.

Frameless Enclosure with Pattern-62 Glass for Kids’ Bathroom

2. Partially Frosted Glass for the Best of Both Worlds in Your Primary Bathroom

Partially Frosted Glass for the Best of Both Worlds in Your Primary Bathroom

Even if the bathroom is for you and your spouse, there may be a wish for some visual separation between the shower stall and the rest of the room. A custom glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror can provide sheets of clear glass with frosted sections on them. Benefits of this glass choice include:

  • The transparent areas showcase your shower’s beautiful tiled interior.
  • Having some clear glass helps the room and shower feel spacious and bright.
  • The frosted sections provide privacy while showering.

This glass can be used on many types of shower enclosures, including in-line door and panel, French doors, single door, neo-angle corner shower, and right angle corner shower. You can also choose from frameless, semi-frameless, and framed construction, but frameless is the most fashion forward and thus very popular in the primary bathroom.

3. Optimizing Your Design with Glass that Stands Out

Patterned, acid-etched, and tinted glass always provide more privacy than clear glass. However, sometimes the push to choose one of these is more aesthetic than practical. For example, if you have a historic home, a frosted glass enclosure with oil-rubbed bronze handle and hinges will be more in keeping with the house’s period feel than a clear glass shower.

Optimize your shower enclosure design with frosted glass
Optimize your shower enclosure design with gray glass

Similarly, bronze or gray tinted glass could contribute to your chosen color palette and/or theme for a bathroom. Finally, shower glass is available with many textured patterns, both abstract and pictorial. Some give the glass an Old World feel, while others are quirky or modern. If you’re going for a space that’s loaded with personality and charm, patterned shower glass can enhance this effect.

4. Mixed and Matched Glass Panels for an Open Concept Space

Every wall of a glass shower does not have to be built from the same type of glass.

Every wall of a glass shower does not have to be built from the same type of glass, which is helpful when designing a shower for an open concept master suite. In this type of room, the bedroom and bathroom are not separate rooms. Rather, one section of the suite houses the bathroom appliances while the other is furnished with the bed, dresser, night stands, etc. This layout is reminiscent of a luxury hotel, maximizes available space, and creates a sense of spaciousness. However, the lack of privacy for the bathroom appliances can be a drawback for some. Often the toilet is tucked into a nook of its own, and no one usually minds the sink being in plain sight. For the shower, consider using frosted (acid etched) glass for the wall facing the bedroom section and clear glass for the others. This gives you a level of privacy without sacrificing the attractive appearance of clear glass and the visual continuity between the shower area and the rest of the room.

5. Private Shower Area to Broaden Appeal

While many designers and homeowners love the stylistic features of clear glass, it’s also true that some prospective homebuyers want a private shower area in at least one of the bathrooms. If you’re remodeling with an eye to resale appeal, you may wish to consider using privacy glass on one shower. Certain glass options are classic and match many decorating modes. These include:

  • Satin (acid etched)
  • Aquatex (pattern)
  • Rain (pattern)
  • Pattern-62 (pattern)
  • Gray (tinted)

Pair your choice of privacy glass with hardware that will also suit many tastes. Ladder style handles or simple C-pull handles, for example, are easy to use and visually appealing while keeping the enclosure versatile and adaptable to many styles and themes.

 some prospective homebuyers want a private shower area in at least one of the bathrooms.

However you choose to use privacy or clear glass, the team at ABC Glass & Mirror is ready to assist with your glass shower project from design through professional installation. Call us at (703)257-7150 to schedule your free in-home consultation with a glass shower estimator.

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