For modern elegance in your décor, go beyond the traditional, practical uses for glass in a home. While many custom glass installations are both useful and beautiful, aesthetics take center stage for some pieces. Be inspired by these 3 ways to decorate a home with glass and consider bringing your own glass design idea to life with the help of ABC Glass and Mirror. For details on pricing and procedures for a custom glass project, give us a call at (703)257-7150.

Reflective Glass as a Wall Adornment

mirror is the perfect wall hanging for almost any space, and a custom mirror can be even more attractive.

  • An asymmetrical or uniquely shaped mirror catches the eye and gives a room personality.
  • A beveled mirror is more dressy, perfect for a formal or traditional space.
  • Large wall mirrors make a small area in a home look twice as large. They can include cutouts to fit around switches and other installations.
  • Antique mirror glass is mirror that has been treated with acid to create a vintage look. It brings charm to any part of the house.
  • A framed mirror is a lovely statement piece hanging over a fireplace, side table, or bar.

While some mirrors are primarily decorative, most serve a practical purpose as well. For example, a mirror in the entry way is an elegant wall ornament, but it’s also handy for checking your look as you get ready to leave the house!

Back Painted Glass Wall Covering

Back painted glass is ultra-clear glass with paint and a protective layer on the back. The color of the paint is visible through the glass, which in turn adds sheen and brilliance to the color. Back painted glass makes a gorgeous backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom. These pieces are seamless or close to it, free of grout, and easy to maintain and wash. A white (or other light color) piece of back painted glass can serve as a modern wall hanging and a dry erase board! Pieces of this colorful glass can also be artistically arranged into a unique and sophisticated wall ornament. Finally, sheets of back painted glass can even serve as shower wall panels in lieu of tiled walls! ABC Glass and Mirror offers a couple standard colors and can special order any custom color-matched shade you wish.

Clear Glass for a Sense of Space

Simple clear glass is a dynamic design tool, especially when you wish to create an open ambiance and a sense of space. Use it for a shower enclosure, as an interior partition wall, for custom shelving, on cabinet door fronts, or even as a table top! Clear glass provides solid barriers and usable surfaces without visibly filling up a space. It maintains visual continuity between spaces – the shower and the rest of the bathroom, your home office and the family room, etc. – and so allows you to create individual rooms while keeping an open atmosphere.

Glass: Appealing and Versatile

Glass and mirror matches any décor style, so it’s easy to design a piece that is both timeless and stylish. For example, a clear glass shower door with metal hardware will match any color scheme or decorating theme you introduce into the bathroom. Learn more or make an appointment to meet with one of our glass specialists by calling (703)257-7150.