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Don’t ignore open shelving if you’re looking to update your interior decor. Designers and homeowners alike are discovering the perks offered by unenclosed shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond. What is the appeal?

Perhaps it lies in the three-fold benefits – storage, convenience, and aesthetics. With open shelving you can conveniently store your items while giving them an important role in your overall design scheme.

Almost any room can be improved with the installation of quality shelving, and this is an upgrade that does not have to involve “breaking the bank.” Whether you have bare wall space that needs to be adorned, clutter that needs a home, or an inconvenient kitchen, discover whether open shelving is the solution for your dilemma.

Today’s homeowner can choose from an impressive array of options when it comes to shelving. For the shelves themselves, choices include:

•    Glass shelves
•    Wood shelves
•    Wire shelves
•    Melamine shelves

Then, with regard to brackets and other support apparatus, there are still more options ranging from simple metal brackets to unique wire hanging systems.

Open shelving can be rustic, industrial, formal, contemporary, or virtually any other style you desire. Glass shelves have particular characteristics that make them uniquely suited to certain applications.

For instance, clear glass shelving is wonderful for preserving or creating an open, spacious ambiance. It is also perfect for displaying collectibles or works of art since its transparency brings your treasured items into focus.

What are some of the ways open shelving could improve your interior design plan? Open shelves in the kitchen are popular today as many families are eager to streamline meal prep by skipping steps like opening and closing cupboard doors.

Open shelving can also provide motivation to de-clutter one’s kitchen and keep its contents clean and tidy.

Many, however, wish to balance these considerations with a practical need for hidden space in which to stash less visually appealing items such as canned goods. Your kitchen can be personalized to your needs and tastes with a blend of open shelving and traditional cabinetry. You can even merge these two concepts by fitting some cupboard doors with clear cabinet glass, a tactic that allows you to keep some of the contents in sight while protecting them from dust and splatters.

The kitchen is not the only space that can be made more attractive and functional by the installation of open shelves, though.

Tasteful shelves have a role to play in bathrooms, living rooms, family rooms, laundry rooms, and even bedrooms. If you would like to learn more about your options in glass shelving for any part of your home, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 today! Our in-house glaziers can answer your questions, and we also offer a free in-home consultation with quote.

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