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Exposed beams add character to a room. Whether it’s bare wood providing a complimentary contrast to the crisp edges of a glass shower enclosure or unique beams that gives a living room modern flair. This look is catching on in homes throughout Northern Virginia.

Sometimes exposed beams are integral structural components. This is can be the case when a timber frame barn (or other building) is converted into a home. While most have heard the term “timber frame,” many aren’t quite sure what it means.

Today, the most common type of framing is stick framing, which is characterized by many relatively thin beams joined by metal fasteners. Timber framing is different because the beams are farther apart and much more substantial.

The most interesting aspect of timber framing, though, is the fact that no metal fasteners are used. All the fastening is achieved by tongue-in-groove type joinery and wooden pegs. These techniques give timber frame buildings special appeal for anyone who appreciates skilled craftsmanship and custom work.

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If your home doesn’t include attractive structural beams, you can still achieve this look by having exposed beams added for aesthetic purposes. This technique can give a newer home a warm, rural feel, or it can simply add interest to a contemporary space. For instance, “exposed beams” does not have to mean exposed wood.

The appearance of natural wood is what draws many to exposed beam decor. Others like the look of the beams without the rustic quality so they paint the beams the same color as the rest of the ceiling.

Becky Harris of Houzz -presents a photo gallery of rooms with exposed beam decor. Perusing the pictures makes it clear that this look “works” with homes of many styles.

You’ll see:

•    Both traditional and contemporary beam-work.
•    Unpainted beams and beams that are white like the other parts of the ceiling.
•    Special ceiling lights that highlight the exposed beams.
•    Modern beams that form a chevron pattern
•    And more!

While ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can’t add exposed beams to your home, we can offer you the custom glass and mirror items needed to compliment whatever look you have chosen. From frameless glass steam shower to ornately framed mirrors to frosted cabinet glass for your vintage hutch, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. has what homeowners need give to their living space the perfect finishing touches. Call 703-257-7150 today to learn more and schedule your free in-home consultation and price quote!


If your bathroom has a window, this opens up many possibilities for increased energy efficiency. If the window is drafty, ugly, painted shut, or plagued with other ills, you’ll want a vinyl replacement window. Today’s high performance windows feature improved insulating capabilities and upgrades like Low-E coatings, argon or krypton gas between panes, as well as double or even triple pane glass.

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