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Custom glass bathroom mirror

Think your bathroom is ridiculously small? It probably has nothing on the vintage London house that’s five stories high and just six feet wide in some parts! However, even more modern small bathrooms call for thoughtful design and décor. Check out four ways custom glass can make a tiny space look and feel bigger.

1. Choose a frameless clear glass shower enclosure.

Replacing a shower curtain or privacy glass with a transparent enclosure will instantly elevate the space by combining the square footage of the shower stall with the rest of the room. Some framed shower enclosures are very popular right now – Crittall style black framed glass is one example. However, in a compact bathroom, a frameless barrier will create the most spacious vibe. Possibilities include:

  • A simple shower screen added to an existing tub or shower. The open entrance will further enhance the roomy feel.
  • An in-line door and panel enclosure for a shower or tub.
  • French doors on your bathtub or shower stall.
  • A right angle or neo-angle corner shower enclosure.
Crittall style black framed glass shower enclosure

2. Bring order to the room without sacrificing floor space.

Add floating wall shelves to save space

Elimination of clutter is absolutely vital to successfully decorating a small bathroom. The problem is that you can’t simply add an extra cabinet or switch to a larger vanity if you’re already short on floor space. The answer? Floating wall shelves. Even in a little bathroom, there’s probably some unused wall space. (Look above the commode and in corners for starters.) If you want to optimize the effect, choose clear glass shelves that make your items seem to “float” beside the wall in a chic display. Working with a glass shop such as ABC Glass & Mirror, you can tailor the shelves to your tastes by picking the:

  • Glass style – clear, patterned, frosted
  • Glass thickness
  • Brackets or other hanging hardware
  • Shelf dimensions

3. Cover a wall with back painted glass.

Back painted glass is created by applying paint and a protective backing to ultra-clear glass. It is installed with the bare glass surface facing outward as the paint provides color. This glass makes a wonderful covering for a bathroom or shower wall. Its sparkle and sheen are also perfect for lightening and brightening the atmosphere of a small nook. As an added bonus, a glass covered wall is easy to wipe clean and sanitize without the hard to maintain grout lines found on tiled walls.

Cover a wall with back painted glass o add a pop of color to a room

4. Order a vanity mirror that fits your space.

Add a vanity mirror that fits your space

Getting the vanity mirror dimensions right is even more important than usual if your bathroom is on the small side. You might need a custom mirror just so that a mirror will actually fit above the sink! However, custom mirrors are also useful for:

  • Adding a second mirror to a small bathroom to make it more functional.
  • Making the ceiling seem higher by extending the mirror from counter to ceiling.
  • Covering an oddly shaped section of wall space with mirror glass.

Get in touch with ABC Glass & Mirror to make your idea a reality!

However you’d like to use custom glass to improve a tiny bathroom, the ABC team can help you make your idea a beautiful reality. Call us at (703)257-7150 to set up a free in-home consultation and estimate with a glass professional!

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