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Glass fixtures are seen in bathrooms across the country, in dwellings large and small. What makes homeowners turn to glass when they want to make a bathroom more attractive and functional? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for adding glass to this space.

Easy to Sanitize

Glass, especially glass with a smooth surface, can be a hygienic choice for a bathroom application. Its impermeable surfaces can be easily sanitized, and glass does not retain dampness or become contaminated by odors.


Glass is also prized by home decorators for its versatility. Glass, as a substance, has a wide appeal and the possible uses for it are many and varied. Glass bathroom fixtures can often be made from clear, ultra-clear, patterned, frosted, tinted, or cast glass. Regardless of the style chosen, glass matches many different décor themes and color schemes.

Can Camouflage the Commode

A popular reason for adding a sheet of glass to a bathroom is to screen the toilet from sight. As decorators and designers help the bathroom evolve from a functional water closet into a place of relaxation and refreshment, they often wish to keep the toilet from becoming a focal point. At the same time, it’s important to avoid making the space “choppy.” In some bathrooms the perfect solution is a small partition made of frosted or patterned glass. This can obscure the view of the commode but leave the room feeling more open than a partition made of wood or drywall.

“Opens Up” the Space

Using clear glass instead of an opaque material such as a vinyl shower curtain is an effective way to give the space the open ambiance popular today. For instance, making the switch to a clear glass shower enclosure helps both the stall and the whole room to look and feel roomier. However, this technique does not have to be confined to shower doors. Clear glass shelves are a convenient storage solution that also fill very little space visually.

Innovative Glass Product Options

Also contributing to the proliferation of glass in modern bathrooms are the innovative glass products on the market today. Of course you can find everything from glass tiles to glass vessel sinks, but have you heard of back-painted glass backsplashes? These sleek fixtures are available in custom colors, and they appeal to decorators seeking a look that is simple and functional yet beautiful.

A long sink to the left with a mirror and to the right a frameless glass shower

Quickly Updates a Room

Glass also has the advantage of being able to instantly update a room’s look. The addition of a large glass fixture such as a frameless shower enclosure or unique custom vanity mirror can breathe fresh life into a bathroom. Pristine sheets of clear or reflective glass brighten the atmosphere with their smooth, sparkling surfaces.

Custom Glass Products Open Up Possibilities

With shops like ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offering custom glass bathroom fixtures, more homeowners find it practical to decorate this space with glass. Custom cut pieces of glass allow you to achieve a shower enclosure or mirror that “fits” even if there are irregularities like non-square corners.

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