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Crittall style shower doors take inspiration from the steel framed windows manufactured by British company Crittall Windows since the 1800s. These windows, which can be seen throughout England, are distinguished by a thin steel gridscape around the sections of glass. The look has recently become popular inside American homes as evidenced by the burgeoning popularity of Crittall style shower doors, screens, and enclosures.

Is it smart to follow the Crittall style shower and tub door trend?

Does the very popularity of Crittall style showers give you pause? Often, homeowners are wisely hesitant to spend money on a trendy bathroom product. If the trend is short lived, the bathroom will soon be out of style and in need of another remodel and more spending. However, gridscape shower and tub doors have a style that has really stood the test of time.  They take inspiration from a window design that has been around for over a century, so the look can reasonably be considered classic. Also, the combination of glass and the symmetrical metal grid-work is very versatile – the look can be modern or vintage, for example, depending on how you style the rest of the space.

Are there advantages to a Crittall style shower door over a shower curtain?

Shower curtains are inexpensive and easy to replace with the changing styles. In other ways, glass enclosures, such as Crittall style shower doors have the edge. Most designers and decorators seem to prefer the look of glass doors over that of curtains. Glass gives the bathroom an upscale vibe, and its clean lines help the atmosphere feel fresh and hygienic. Also, arranging a shower curtain and liner “just so” is annoying, and forgetting to do it can mean a puddle on your bathroom floor. After all, there’s nothing worse than brushing up against a cold, clammy shower curtain, and this will never happen with a glass shower! 

What are some bathroom styles that work well with Crittall style showers?

Many bathroom themes and modes look wonderful with Crittall inspired shower doors. Here are a few examples:

  • Industrial – After all, Crittall style windows were originally used on professional buildings. Shower doors that pay homage to this gridscape construction meld perfectly with industrial style bathroom designs.
  • Farmhouse – The functional blend of glass and metal is also in harmony with the farmhouse style popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not to mention, the dark metal framework provides a beautiful contrast to the whites and creams that often form the backdrop of farmhouse décor.
  • Antique – If you live in a period home, you might worry that a glass shower will be a jarring contrast to the other bathroom fixtures and to the home’s old-fashioned charm. However, a Crittall style door harkens back to times past and provides the convenience of a glass shower door without changing the room’s mood.
  • Modern – At the same time, a gridscape shower door fits right in with a modern bathroom. Contemporary styles feature clean lines, simplicity, functionality, and visual appeal flowing from beautiful materials. Although the look has been around for a long time, these shower doors offer the same features.

Contact ABC Glass & Mirror to order a Crittall style shower door.

If you’re considering one of these beautiful shower enclosures for your home, we invite you to contact ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150 to learn more and set up a free in-home consultation. We specialize in custom glass showers and are now offering gorgeous gridscape units with professional installation. As a family owned and operated glass shop, we’d love to partner with you in upgrading your shower area with glass!

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