two sinks in-front of a mirror and a jacuzzi bathtub in the distant corner and a shower to the right

During every season of every year there are new trends in bathroom remodeling.   Over the next 100 years, with the ever changing fashions and styles, the evolution of glass shower doors should be exciting to watch.


If the past has been any predictor of the future, new glass door technology will make shower doors even greater than they are today.


The new era in bathrooms will include all kinds of shapes, sizes and tints in glass shower doors.  The future will hold endless styles and fashionable designs from in which to choose and glass enclosures will be easy to use and enjoy.


Frameless glass shower doors are the future of home remodeling projects and will continue to bring bathrooms state-of-the art designs for years and years.


Consider What Shower Doors May Look Like

Take a moment and consider what glass shower doors may look like in 100 years…the designs seem limitless.  Glass has always been used in futuristic and trendy architecture and the same goes for shower doors.  On many Hollywood sets, movies that take place decades from now have buildings and rooms that are “created” using glass.


Many of the new movies, set in the future, use glass structures throughout. Revolutionary home and interior designs often use glass as the chosen material.  Using a clear, transparent material as barrier/wall allows for a feeling of openness.  The avant garde use of glass in all areas of design is why frameless glass shower doors are the best of the past, present, and future.


What Makes Glass So Versatile?

What makes glass so versatile is that because it provides a completely see-through barrier it gives the room the chance to clearly show off its style and color.  The clear glass enclosure never overshadows the beauty of the space, it enhances it.


Truly, the ability of glass to enhance rather than to be the sole focus is why glass shower doors can be used in any style bathroom including traditional, rustic, contemporary and modern spaces.


photo inside the a bathtub looking out the the sink

The shower door, although elegant and beautiful, allows the room to speak for itself by gently allowing the room’s beauty to shine through.  Even when using glass in the bathroom as an enclosure for your shower, it allows the room appears bigger and more spacious.


Glass shower doors will continue to evolve as will the technology surrounding technology.  ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is always on the cutting edge of glass shower door technology.  Please feel free to give us a call for more information at 703-257-7150!


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