BlogVanity Glass Mirrors in Northern Virginia

With the huge selection of vanity mirror options available from ABC Glass and Mirror, you’ll have no trouble finding the best vanity mirror for your bathroom. From tackling unusual spaces where standard mirrors won’t fit to designing opulent wall mirrors for luxury bathrooms, the ABC team is committed to crafting your dream vanity mirrors.

Assorted Sizes for Vanity Mirrors

ABC cuts vanity mirrors from 1/4” thick reflective glass and offers standard mirror sizes as well as customized dimensions. We can create a tiny vanity mirror for a powder room or install large mirrors over double vanities. To determine the appropriate mirror size for your space, consider the following points.

  • Designers typically recommend that a vanity mirror be a few inches narrower than the top of the vanity.
  • In a shared bathroom, there should be enough mirror space for a couple people to use it simultaneously. This can be achieved by choosing a large mirror, installing two separate mirrors over twin sinks, or by adding an extra mirror such as a makeup vanity mirror or a small shaving mirror.
  • Remember that the vanity mirror size should “work” with the rest of the space. If it’s too big it can overpower the bathroom, and if it’s too small it will be dwarfed by other elements.

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Vanity Mirror Edgework

There are three ways to finish off a vanity mirror – with a frame, with a bevel, or with a polished edge.

  • Framed bathroom mirrors are stylish and sophisticated. Custom framing is available and frame styles include simple contemporary looks, rustic wood frames, fancy silver and gold mirror frames, and more.
  • Beveling adds an understated border to a mirror, dressing it up while keeping the spotlight on the mirror itself.
  • A polished edge vanity mirror is smooth and crisp – perfect for a modern or industrial-style bathroom.

Vanity Mirror Shape Options

The most popular bathroom vanity mirror shapes include rectangle, square, circle, and oval, but there are other possibilities such as diamond, triangle, and half-circle. Also, since ABC specializes in custom glass, we can create unique mirrors for unique spaces or bold decorating styles. Examples are L-shaped, trapezoid, or crescent mirrors. Choose a design that offers enough mirror space, harmonizes nicely with other shapes in your sink area, and works with the overall theme of the room.

Special Options for a Vanity Mirror

The best mirror for your bathroom might be one that is extra special. Take your vanity mirror to the next level with one or more of these unique twists:

  • “Antiqued” mirror glass – An antique mirror is new mirror glass with an aged appearance. A framed piece of antique mirror glass is the perfect partner for an antique, upcycled, or furniture style vanity.
  • “Floating” vanity mirror – Our glaziers can install a vanity mirror using fasteners and spacers for mirror glass that “floats” out from the wall instead of being glued to it. Choose this method if you want a vanity mirror with lights behind it for a beautiful back-lit effect.
  • Mirror cutouts – Don’t let light switches or outlets define your vanity mirror choices. ABC can add customized cutouts that conform to these existing fixtures.

Take the First Step Toward the Best Vanity Mirror for Your Home

Help finding the right vanity mirror options for your bathroom is just a phone call away. Dial (703)257-7150 to speak with one of our in-house mirror experts and then set up a free consultation. An ABC estimator will visit your home, go over options, take measurements, and answer your questions. We’ll follow up with an emailed price quote for you to consider in the convenience of your home. The ABC team is your local, trusted source for custom vanity mirrors, so contact us today!