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What kind of paint is right for a bathroom? Choosing suitable paint is a key aspect of any bathroom remodel. Tasteful walls provide the perfect backdrop for the new shower enclosure, framed vanity mirror, and chic wall hangings that define your bathroom’s theme and style.

Selecting the right bathroom paint color is important, but an even more fundamental choice is the kind of paint to use in a restroom setting. This can be tricky because the look you desire on your walls does not always match up perfectly with the characteristics needed in paint that will be subject to water droplets and moist air.

High gloss was once a favorite choice for bathroom wall paint, but modern trends lean toward the coziness offered by a matte finish. Clearly, this leaves remodelers in a bit of a fix. How can you balance the need for longevity with the need for visual appeal?

Here are four alternatives to high gloss paint provided by Joe Perritt of Angie’s List –

•    Semi-gloss paint – A highly functional choice, semi-gloss paint gives your bathroom walls a water-resistant surface that is easy to clean. However, its sheen can highlight any imperfections in the drywall, so keep this in mind as you weigh the various options.
•    Satin paint – This paint finish also offers good durability and is able to withstand the intense cleaning that may be required in a bathroom environment. Part of its appeal lies in the fact that it is less shiny than a semi-gloss finish.
•    Eggshell paint – An eggshell finish will be kinder to imperfections on your walls, not highlighting them in the same way as semi-gloss paint. This offers a “slightly matte” look, but it is vital to purchase a product that is formulated for bathroom use. Otherwise your walls might be damaged by moisture and promote mildew growth.
•    Flat paint – Flat paint provides the matte finish many home decorators want, but the problem is that is simply does not tend to hold up well in a bathroom. However, it can be made more functional (but also become bit more shiny) with the application of sealer.

very large bathroom with a stnading shower to the right, a jacuzzi bathtub in the far middle of the room, and two sinks with two mirrors to the left.

Also of note is the fact that paint manufacturers are working to create paint that melds a matte finish with moisture-resistance and longevity. One example is Sherwin Williams’ Duration Home line, which is available in matte and is mildew-resistant and easier to clean that standard flat paint.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore offers the Aura Bath and Spa line that likewise combines a flat finish with the ability to withstand moist conditions and retain its color.

Modern bathroom with a blue floor and a green strip around the walls

Beautifully painted walls are the palette on which you can bring your dream bathroom to life. The many attractive and innovative products offered today make it easier to create resort-like glamour and spa-like relaxation right in your own home. Let ABC be part of making your vision a reality with our line of glass products including –

•    Steam shower enclosures
•    Frameless showers
•    Back-painted glass backsplashes
•    Custom mirrors

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