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How much does a glass partition wall cost? A number of factors affect the answer, including the size and style of the wall, difficulty of installation, and the type of glass used. ABC Glass and Mirror designs, sells, and installs several varieties of glass walls. Customers can work with our team to find the options and configurations that work with their budget and meet their practical and aesthetic needs.

Basic Glass Wall Choices that Affect How Much They Cost

Usually, the first decision to be made is the size of the glass wall. Small glass partition walls are often simply called “glass panels,” and they are generally less pricey. A mid-sized glass wall configuration is known as a “room divider.” These often include doors and do tend to cost more. Finally, a larger network of glass panels and doors is referred to as a “glass wall system.” Since these involve more materials and time spent in measurement, design, and installation, they are usually the most expensive. For any glass wall project, keep in mind that the price will be impacted by:

  • Number of glass panels.
  • Sizes of glass panels.
  • Inclusion of doors.
  • Number of doors.
  • Type of doors.
  • Complexity of design.
  • Ease or difficulty of taking measurements.
  • Ease or difficulty of installing the glass.

Frameless or Framed? Another Choice that Determines Cost

There are two basic options for how your glass partition wall will be constructed. Frameless partitions are made from unframed glass that is kept in place with channel and/or metal clips. On the other hand, there are framed systems that consist of framing with the appropriate glazing installed in each opening. The frame is customizable with regard to dimensions as well as finish.

More Decisions that Impact Glass Wall Costs

Once the fundamental design of the panel, room divider or glass wall system has been decided upon, you’ll need to pick out the glass. Options for most partition wall systems include:

  • Clear
  • Low iron (ultra-clear)
  • Acid-etched (frosted)
  • Patterned
  • Back painted (paint applied to back to create opaque colored glass)

Some types of glass are more expensive than others. For example, low iron glass costs more than standard clear glass. Likewise back painted glass is pricier than normal glass, and custom color choices add an additional cost.

How Can I Get a Price Quote for a Glass Wall Partition Project?

ABC Glass and Mirror can schedule a free consultation at your home or business site if you’d like a quote for a glass partition wall. Our estimator will discuss the project with you, find out which options you are interested in, and take the measurements necessary to work up a quote. Our office staff will then email you the quote within 24 to 48 hours. There is no obligation to buy, and you just call us if you decide to move forward. After taking your order, we would prepare all the components needed for your partition wall and then schedule installation. The project would be finalized with the professional installation of the partition. To learn more or to get on our appointment schedule, call our shop at (703)257-7150.

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