It can be difficult to make stock sizes and colors “work” for every back painted glass project. ABC Glass and Mirror offers Northern Virginia residents limitless color options and custom cut sheets of glass. These tailor-made glass panels are used as interior design elements, wall coverings, and functional surfaces.

Diverse Back Painted Glass Options for Various Applications

Back painted glass is used for backsplashes, wall panels, whiteboards, room partitions, table tops, and more. The purpose of your glass and your décor preferences will determine the choices you make for size, edgework, and thickness. Our glass team can assist you in selecting glass that is suited to a particular application. In terms of aesthetics, this glass can be perfectly matched to your color scheme. We keep white glass in stock and can have black or gray glass available within a few days. However, if you prefer any other color, we will special order a custom shade. You provide us with details of the paint color you want, and we deliver glass in your selected color.

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Back Painted Glass Type and Thickness Variations

Back painted glass is often made from annealed (standard) glass. However, if there are concerns about safety and durability, it can be made from tempered glass instead. For example, tempered glass might be chosen for shower wall panels since a person could theoretically slip and fall against the glass. Tempered glass is also used when creating a table top to be affixed to a pedestal or support system. On the other hand, annealed glass is typically used when a glass table top is being placed over an existing surface.

Whether annealed or tempered, back painted glass is commonly 1/4” thick. This provides sufficient rigidity for most applications and is easier to carry and maneuver than thicker glass. However, special situations may require thinner or thicker glass, so there are additional options including 1/8”, 3/8”, and 1/2” colored glass.

Edge Options for Back Painted Glass

Cut glass has razor sharp corners, so the edges are treated before installation. A popular choice for back painted glass is a simple machine polished edge. However, we can also add a bevel to your glass for a fancier edge. Bevels range from 3/8” to 1-3/4” depending on glass thickness. Finally, if your colored glass will be framed, we give it a seamed edge by just sanding down the sharp corners.

Back Painted Glass Dimensions Personalized for Your Project

It is important for each back painted glass panel to have the appropriate dimensions for the installation. For instance, a client might need a custom table top size or glass wall panels that accommodate walls that are out of plumb or sloping floors. We use the following process to deliver custom fabricated glass:

  1. An ABC estimator discusses the project, ascertains customer goals, and takes the necessary measurements.
  2. The estimator also checks for and notes any structural irregularities or special situations.
  3. This data is used in the fabrication of the glass to deliver the perfect fit.

Back painted glass is a fresh, modern alternative to traditional surfaces, and ABC Glass and Mirror offers glass panels tailored to your needs. Our in-house glaziers can be reached at (703)257-7150 and are happy to discuss the custom glass possibilities for your project.