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Add a frameless glass shower enclosure to your master bath to make it the refreshing oasis you deserve. Relaxing at the end of a busy day is easier when you can enjoy a hot shower in an atmosphere that is defined by simple beauty. And once your new enclosure is in place, it’s not difficult to add inexpensive amenities that add to the spa-like experience.

Just what is a frameless glass shower?

A frameless glass shower is an enclosure built from sheets of unframed heavy glass. Since there is no aluminum frame offering support and rigidity, thick glass is used along with clips, hinges, and caulk joints to attach glass to glass and glass to existing wall structures. Frameless enclosures are the most luxurious and the most popular shower enclosures on the market today.

What are the design possibilities for a frameless glass shower?

Tons of options exist so that frameless shower enclosures are possible for most bathrooms whether large or small. Adding a frameless glass shower to your master bath could be as simple as closing off your existing tub/shower combo with panels of unframed tempered glass. Alternatively, homeowners with spacious bathrooms can have enclosures built with every wall fashioned from glass. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific configurations, including:

• In-line door and panel
• Right angle shower
• Neo-angle corner shower
• Swinging doors
• Frameless sliding door
• Walk-in enclosure
• Steam enclosure

What is an in-line door and panel?

This setup is great for a number of situations, including enclosing an existing tub/shower with frameless glass. It consists of a hinged glass door and a fixed panel of glass installed in line with it. If needed, a 90 degree return can also be installed to finish off the stall. Just adding these pieces of frameless glass to a shower area can bring the bathroom to a new level of elegance and style.

What is a right-angle shower?

If you wish to install a frameless glass shower enclosure in one of the bathroom corners or along a bare wall, the right-angle configuration is worth considering. In these enclosures, the walls meet up at 90 degree angles. Glass walls are added as needed to create an closed of stall, and one side of the enclosure includes a hinged glass door.

What is a neo-angle corner shower?

A frameless neo-angle shower enclosure can be a great way to optimize the available space in your master bath. Typically installed in a corner, the stalls will have three walls of glass, with one of these including or consisting of a swinging door panel. Two fixed panels will connect to the existing wall structure at 90 degree angles and these will be joined by a panel/door that meets them at 135 degree angles.

What is the appeal of swinging glass shower doors?

A popular frameless shower option is one that includes a set of swinging doors. Double glass doors made of heavy glass are impressive and set the tone of your bathroom décor. When opened, they create a convenient, roomy entrance to the shower enclosure. Your swinging glass shower doors can be tailored to your tastes and preferences through your choices regarding glass type, handle and hinge style, and hardware finish. One drawback to swinging doors can be the need for sufficient clearance outside the shower entrance. Without this necessary open floor space, swinging doors can become an inconvenience and even a safety hazard as they make contact with other fixtures when they swing open.

What do frameless sliders have to offer?

When space does not allow for swinging glass shower doors, you don’t have to despair of adding a frameless enclosures. Frameless sliding door systems consist of a fixed glass panel, a glass door that glides in front of this panel and, if needed, a 90 degree return. An enclosure like this will be built of frameless glass, and door panel will move along a bar or track.

What makes a walk-in enclosure unique?

If your master bath is spacious enough to house a large shower enclosure, you can also consider having a frameless walk-in enclosure built. A stall like this will have an open entryway with no door panel whatsoever. This can give the bathroom and the shower an open, roomy feel. It is also great for accessibility, especially if you also choose a curbless setup. It is important to coordinate with various professionals for a shower like this, since water containment will need to be achieved by a combination of floor slope, drain placement, and shower head location.

Is a steam enclosure possible?

Most bathrooms can be upgraded with a frameless steam shower enclosure, so that you can enjoy spa-inspired relaxation in the convenience of your own home. A special type of enclosure is needed, along with the actual steam shower apparatus, in order to create a properly functioning unit. For a steam shower, the frameless glass enclosure needs to seal up all around when the door is shut. Also, it needs to have a transom that can serve as a steam vent. Finally, it’s important for all surfaces inside a steam shower to be covered with a material that can endure humidity and warmth.

How can a frameless shower be customized to my specific tastes?

When you order a custom frameless shower, there are a number of ways that the unit can be tailored to your specific needs and design preferences. Variables can include:

• Glass style
• Glass thickness
• Hardware style
• Hardware finish

As you work with a glazier from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. you will be able to view samples and photos discern which glass and metal components will most effectively come together to create the look you desire for the new shower enclosure. We’ll take a closer look at some of the options.

Which is the most popular glass style for frameless showers?

Clear glass is preferred by many homeowners who choose to improve a bathroom with a frameless shower enclosure. A clear frameless unit has many advantages, including:

• The shower enclosure does not hide the tile inside the stall.
• An open, spacious atmosphere is created within the enclosure.
• The bathroom as a whole looks larger since the square footage within the shower is not hidden from sight.
• The smooth, unframed glass is easier to keep clean than glass with texture and/or a frame.

Home improvers today can choose normal clear glass or step things up a notch with ultra-clear glass. You may have noticed that glass often has a greenish tinge that is most visible around the edges. This is the result of the iron that present in glass. Ultra clear glass has lower iron content and less discoloration.

What if a more private frameless shower enclosure is preferred?

If you wish to create a more secluded shower area, never fear. Depending on the level of privacy desired for the frameless enclosure, you should consider frosted, patterned, tinted, or cast glass. A shower enclosure crafted from privacy glass brings the elegance of glass to the space, while yielding a more private shower stall. Let’s consider the features of various privacy glass options.

What does frosted glass have to offer a frameless shower?

Frosted, or acid-etched, shower glass can be used to a create a frameless unit that is timeless and beautiful. The frosty surface of the glass makes the shower stall a more private retreat, but it maintains a bright, cheerful ambiance by letting in plenty of light. The simple, classic look of frosted glass allows it to coordinate with most color schemes and bathroom styles.

How about patterned glass on a frameless enclosure?

Another popular choice in privacy glass is glass with a raised pattern on one or both surfaces. Many different patterns are available and they span a broad range of styles from delicate texturing to a bold statement. Patterned glass lets lots of light into the shower enclosure, while making it more secluded than a stall built from clear glass.

What are the features of frameless tinted glass?

Tinted glass adds just a little privacy and has a distinctive look. It allows light to stream into the frameless shower, but the light will be slightly colored by the glass. Like clear glass, tinted glass has smooth surfaces for easier cleaning.

How do hardware choices affect the look of a frameless shower enclosure?

The handles and hinges you choose for your frameless shower can further define your desired style. Most shower door handles feature a sleek, understated design, although fancier options also exist. The pieces of hardware can be thought of as little accents on the glass, so their shape and finish do impact the overall look of the enclosure. Most homeowners select a hardware finish that is identical or highly similar to that of the other metal items in the bathroom. However, home design trends indicate that mixed metals are becoming fashionable, which opens up more possibilities.

Whom should I call to learn more about having a frameless glass shower installed in my bathroom?

Call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 and ask to speak to one of our in-house glaziers. To go into greater depth and to receive suggestions and a price quote based on your specific shower area, you can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our glass shower specialists. Within the agreed upon window of time, our glass expert will visit your home to go over options, display product samples, and take measurements. You can ask questions and seek design advice from someone with experience in the glass field. This no-obligation visit is free and offers you a convenient way of learning more about the possibilities before finalizing your selections.

What is the process for having a custom frameless glass shower installed?

Once you’ve chosen the glass, hardware, etc., you can place your order with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. When everything is ready, we’ll contact you to schedule an installation appointment. At the appropriate time, a trained team will bring the glass and metal components to your home and construct the frameless glass enclosure. All you have to do is sit back and relax as the glass is put in place. After that, you can enjoy your elegant and functional shower stall as it adds to the beauty of your master bathroom. Showers from ABC are warrantied, and we can provide cleaning tips and care instructions, as well.

What sets a custom frameless glass shower apart from an enclosure built from a DIY kit?

A custom frameless shower is special because it is built from panels of glass that have been fabricated to fit in your specific space. One of our estimators will take careful measurements and check for structural irregularities, and we will cut your glass accordingly. With a DIY kit, you might find yourself filling large gaps with caulk or trying to make a square corner of glass fit into a structural corner that is more or less than 90 degrees.

What amenities can be added to my new frameless glass shower enclosure?

Your stunning frameless glass enclosure can be enhanced with easy add-ons that allow you to indulge in spa-like refreshment in your home. One popular shower amenity is an aromatherapy kit. This will include essential oils and an attachment for your existing shower head. The oils are delicately disbursed through the shower spray for a relaxing, aromatic experience. When it comes to picking the shower head itself, there are also some fun possibilities. These include:

• A shower head with LED lighting
• An overhead rain-style shower head
• A shower head with speakers
• A hand-held shower spray

Bringing in special touches like this is the perfect way to complement your luxurious frameless glass shower!

Why is ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. the shop to call for a frameless glass shower?

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park, VA brings decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction to each job. We are a family business, small enough to give your job the personalized attention it deserves. Yet we are large enough to offer the selection and array of services need to outfit your bathroom with up-to-date, stylish glass fixtures. Call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today and schedule a free in-home consultation and quote – 703-257-7150!

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