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Your source for stylish vanity wall mirrors in the Fairfax, VA area is ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.! The variations we offer in the realms of shape, dimensions, edge detail, frames, and so on facilitate your discovery of the perfect mirror glass for your residence. Dive right into the exciting world of mirror décor by organizing a no-cost mirror consultation at your home! Call to save your time slot – 703-257-7150. Our experts can give you more details on the different mirror styles available as well as a quote for your new mirrors and their professional installation. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help you “make-over” your home’s interior by tastefully using mirror glass in your home improvement!

Using Vanity Wall Mirrors in the Master Bathroom

One great place to start decorating with vanity wall mirrors is in the master bathroom. The reasons for doing so relate to both practical concerns and home beautification efforts. For one thing, couples like to have plenty of mirror glass available when both husband and wife are preparing for work or a social event. A wide vanity mirror means that the mirror can be used by both persons simultaneously without inconvenience. Another option, especially appropriate for master bathrooms with two sinks, is to install two separate vanity mirrors. The vanity mirror in the master bath also helps keep the room filled with light by reflecting the glow of your lamps or other light fixtures. Well placed mirror glass can also fool the eye and make the room seem bigger.

Carefully Select Vanity Wall Mirrors for the Other Restrooms, Too

The right vanity wall mirrors can be designed for every bathroom in your Fairfax home. Take yourself on a “bathroom tour”, and envision the difference new vanity mirrors could make. Focus on aspects of the bathroom such as –

  • Size and feel of the room – do you need to make it seem larger?
  • Theme, color scheme, and overall style.
  • How many people usually use this mirror at one time.
  • Condition of the existing mirror – does it need to be replaced, or maybe just dressed up with a frame?

Using Mirrors in Other Parts of the House

Vanity wall mirrors in the bathroom do not represent the only way to use mirror glass when decorating your dwelling. Pretty much any room in a house can be transformed for the better when a mirror is hung on the wall. There are a few reasons that this is true. For one thing, it is apparent to even the casual observer that mirror glass is an item characterized by clean lines, radiance, and freshness. A wall is not the same once it is home to a tasteful mirror! Feel free to be creative and use mirrors to improve the atmosphere and aesthetic qualities of your family’s living space. Wall Mirrors in the Living Room Along with a new mirror to hang over the vanity, add some wall mirrors to the living room! Decorators in Fairfax can cover an entire living room wall with mirror! Here are some of the ways this will impact the room –

  • Make it seem twice as large as it truly is.
  • Give the room a brighter interior.
  • Allow you to really show off those items and pieces of furniture that you place in front of the mirror.

Wall Mirrors in the Dining Room

Similarly, vanity type wall mirrors or larger mirrors could be used in the dining area. A framed rectangular mirror would look fabulous hanging over an old-fashioned sideboard or buffet. In a more modern style home, you might consider covering one whole wall with square mirrors, arranged in a “tiled” fashion. The possibilities are many, so it’s time to put your own vision and creativity to work as you ponder how to best enhance the beauty of your dining room with sparkling mirror glass! And if you’re out of ideas, remember that you can make a free consultation appointment with ABC!

Full Length Mirrors

Both vanity wall mirrors and full length mirrors can be used in bedrooms and other dressing areas in your Fairfax home. If you have a make-up station in your room, it only makes sense to hang an attractive vanity mirror above it. For this application, try to pick a spot in the room that has good lighting. Everyone loves a full length mirror for getting ready for work, a party, a business meeting, or another event. Not only do full length mirrors look chic and classy, but they allow you to see your whole outfit at a glance!

Using Wall Mirrors in Other Spaces

Besides these classic uses for vanity mirrors and other wall mirrors, Fairfax homeowners are sure to find additional reasons to order these popular items. Possibilities include –

  • Making your home office more bright and professional by covering a wall with mirror glass.
  • Installing a small framed mirror that will dress up your home’s entryway.
  • Adding gym-type wall mirrors to your weight room or fitness area.

No matter what part of your house needs a mirror, you can count on a quality products and good service when you shop with ABC!

Variations in Vanity Wall Mirrors

Let’s take a look at some of your options when it comes to vanity mirrors and other wall mirrors.

  • Framed mirrors
  • Frames added to your current mirrors
  • Beveled edge mirrors
  • Polished edge mirrors
  • Standard installation
  • Stand-off installation
  • Extra-large sheets of mirror glass
  • Cut-outs in mirror glass
  • Custom mirror shapes

Framed Vanity Wall Mirrors – Classic

Framed vanity wall mirrors are a must have for some homeowners in Fairfax, VA. There are those bathroom décor styles that are best complemented by mirror within a frame. The Classic Frame series offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. consists of already framed mirrors that are hung on your walls. The available frames include a diverse range of styles, textures, widths, colors, and so forth. You choose from the available sizes in square and rectangular mirrors, and you pick out the frames that best suit your bath décor. Our glaziers will then secure the framed mirrors on your walls, and you can enjoy the beauty that they add to your home day after day!

Framed Vanity Wall Mirrors – Value

If you are a homeowner who wants framed vanity wall mirrors but is decorating on a tight budget, do not despair. The Value Series consists of a selection of frames in frequently chosen finishes. These frames are more economical than those in the Classic line. Like the Classic frames, though, they are placed around the mirror glass before it is hung. The whole framed unit is installed in your home. By choosing a frame from the Value Series, you cut costs while still benefiting from the positive aesthetic qualities of a framed mirror.

Framed Vanity Wall Mirrors – Easy Frame

There is yet a third way to achieve framed vanity wall mirrors in your Fairfax, VA residence. By means of the Easy Frame line,ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can add frames to many mirrors already hanging in homes. That’s right – if you like the size and placement of the mirrors you have, check out Easy Frame. We may be able to simply add your chosen frame to your current mirror glass. This can save you money, and it keeps the bathroom improvement process more simple.

Beveled Wall Mirrors for Various Parts of Your Living Space

What about those homeowners who prefer unframed vanity wall mirrors? One popular choice among those who order frameless mirror glass is the beveled edge. This gives you some detail around the edge of the mirror without the inclusion of an actual frame. Instead, the perimeter of the mirror is beveled, which means that the surface of the glass angles downward toward the mirror edge. The remaining thin edge of the mirror is machine polished. A beveled edge has the ability to dress up a mirror, and it yields a style that melds perfectly with many modes of home décor.

Polished Edge Wall Mirrors

Alternatively, a polished edge is also available for vanity wall mirrors. In this case, the whole surface of the glass is the same – no angling or slanting at all. Rather, it is one smooth expanse from edge to edge. For safety and a neat, finished look, the edges of the glass are polished. A mirror like this can be described by words like “understated,” “simple,” “classic”, and “versatile.” A mirror of this kind will look good with any room theme or color scheme.

Details on Other Mirror Glass Options

Vanity wall mirrors for Fairfax homes can be further tailored to the homeowner’s needs. For instance, there are a few different ways to install a mirror. These include resting it on J-channel or L-bar as well as stand-off installation in which spacers hold the mirror glass away from the wall’s surface. Furthermore, rooms with sufficiently large entrance spaces can be adorned with very large sheets of mirror glass. When you have outlets, light switches, or sconces on the wall that you are covering, we can add the appropriate cut outs to your pieces of mirror glass. Uncover all the fascinating mirror choices by dialing 703-257-7150 today!

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