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Dial ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – 703-257-7150 – if you’re looking for plexiglass sheeting for your home, office, or commercial site in Herndon, VA. Plexiglass is a resilient substitute for glass that is used for both interior and exterior applications. Our shop at 8395 B Euclid Ave. in Manassas Park is stocked with a limited supply of pre-cut sheets for clients to purchase and install themselves. We also specialize in custom ordering plexiglass sheets and installing them according to industry standards and client specifications.

Stop by or give us a ring; we can even set you up with a free appointment for a one-on-one safety glass meeting and quote at your house, yard, or other site. Let’s look at a few of the features that make plexiglass sheeting a popular choice among Herndon homeowners and entrepreneurs.

  • Plexiglass is considerably stronger than tempered glass and vastly more durable than annealed glass.
  • The transparency of plexiglass allows it to function as a suitable substitute for glass in situations where the glass is likely to be fractured.
  • Plexiglass resists solar yellowing more effectively than standard polycarbonate.
  • ABC also supplies opaque plexiglass sheeting that comes in assorted shades.

If this list of characteristics makes you think that plexiglass sheeting might be just what you need to finish up a project or address an issue, you should schedule a free consultation today! Now we’ll explore some of the ways that plexiglass sheeting can be used in Herndon dwellings, yards, and businesses. In the home, plexiglass can be used on display cases to keep your valuables both visible and safe. Also, it can replace picture frame glass or form a protective top for a table. Plexiglass can even be used in putting together a homemade plaque to honor your child’s sports team or commemorate an important event; after affixing a photo to a finished piece of wood, protect it with a thin layer of plexiglass. These are just some of the in-home uses for this sheeting; it can also be used outside on projects such as greenhouses and safety fences. Finally, plexiglass can be used in your place of business if you need office partitions, protective coverings, table tops, etc. Get more data on plexiglass sheeting as well as other glass substitutes that are available to Herndon residents. Call 703-257-7150 and chat with one of our in-house glass experts or let us show you around our product display at 8395 B Euclid Ave., Manassas Park!

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