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Basic Facts about Gym Wall Mirrors
A solid understanding of gym wall mirrors can be useful as you start looking for the right products for your establishment.

  • Like other mirrors, they consist of clear glass that has been coated with a reflective substance on one side. A final protective backing has also been applied to the reflective layer. Thus, the glass makes up the outer surface of the mirror while the protective coating serves as the back of the mirror.
  • They are “wall” mirrors because they typically cover entire walls or a significant portion of a wall.
  • They are “gym” mirrors because of their use in weight training areas, rooms with exercise equipment, dance studios, and so forth.

Mirror Sizes Available for Your Gym

We can install very big gym wall mirrors in your Great Falls facility. Our large stock sheets of mirror glass range from 4’ x 10’ to 7’ x 10’. We can use whole pieces or custom cut them to meet your needs. It is important to remember, though, that we must be able to fit the sheets through the gym’s entryway. Sometimes limited access to the room means that we must use a number of smaller sheets of mirror glass to create your desired effect. Along with these large mirrors that are great for covering walls, we can supply you with smaller vanity mirrors to spruce up your gym’s bathrooms. Vanity mirrors are sold in assorted styles including beveled, polished edge, and framed.

Cut-outs in Gym Wall Mirrors

As you look around your gym, you might notice that the wall that needs mirrors is already home to outlets, light switches, lights, or other fixtures that you do not want to move or eliminate. That is just fine! We can cut out parts of the mirror to make openings to accommodate these wall fixtures. Thus, your wall mirrors can add beauty and practical features to the room without requiring the inconvenience of additional remodeling.

Method of Installation for Gym Wall Mirrors

Many are curious about how these large gym wall mirrors can be securely installed. Great Falls gym managers can rest easy knowing that safe installation is carried out by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. When installing a mirror, two factors must be considered –

  • Support for the weight of the mirror glass.
  • Keeping the mirror in its proper place on the wall.

Using industry standard products and techniques we address both these issues when hanging mirrors on gym walls.

Supporting the Weight of Gym Wall Mirrors

We support the weight of gym wall mirrors in one of three ways.

  • A simple and straightforward solution is to just rest the heavy mirror glass on the floor of the gym.
  • Another easy fix is to set the mirror on floor trim, if this is present.
  • A slightly more complex, but versatile, method involves installing strips of metal for the mirror to sit in.

We will explore the pros and cons presented by each of these options for gym mirror installation.

Resting Gym Wall Mirrors on the Floor or Floor Trim

There are some pros and cons to resting gym wall mirrors on the floor or floor trim of your Great Falls workout facility. The main benefit to this method of mirror installation is that is saves you the cost of additional support apparatus. On the flip side, though, a mirror that goes all the way down to the floor is more likely to be kicked or otherwise damaged through unintentional contact. This risk can be lower if we are using trim, depending on how high above the floor it extends. So, when considering this option, weigh the money you can save against the risk to the integrity of the mirror glass.

Using J-Channel or L-Bar to Support Gym Mirrors

Setting gym wall mirrors on strips of metal also has benefits and a drawback. First, let’s look at the two types of metal supports that we use for this purpose –

  • J-Channel wraps around the base of the mirror glass, leaving a thin strip of exposed metal along the bottom of the mirror.
  • L-Bar simply provides a surface on which the mirror glass rests and leaves the mirror with a frameless appearance.

Since we can install the J-Channel or L-Bar at the level you desire, you can more easily attain your interior design goals. On a practical note, this also enables us to install the mirror glass at a level where it is less likely to be kicked. The only thing that might be seen as a drawback is the cost of the L-Bar or J-Channel.

Attaching Gym Mirrors to the Wall

Of course the gym wall mirrors in your Great Falls workout facility also need to be adhered to the wall. We take care of this by gluing the back of the mirror to the wall with a very strong type glue called mirror mastic. This mirror mastic is specially formulated to create a lasting bond between the mirror glass and the drywall.

Aesthetic Reasons for Adding Mirrors to Your Gym Walls

Gym wall mirrors can be used by Great Falls entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their membership and retain current patrons. It is undeniable that atmosphere makes a difference in how your establishment is perceived. A gym with a pleasant interior will draw fitness-minded persons to return again and again. Conversely, a gym with a gloomy atmosphere will make working out less appealing! Mirror-covered walls heighten a room’s appeal by optically enlarging it and making it “feel” more extensive. They can also help with lighting and overall mood by reflecting the light given off by your existing fixtures.

How Gym Wall Mirrors Can Help Clients Pinpoint Problems

A gym with wall mirrors installed is more desirable to those who wish to fulfill fitness goals. With these mirrors available, members of your gym can more conveniently monitor their own abilities and target problems in form, technique, etc. The ability to observe one’s own workout regimen can be a valuable tool in health and wellness endeavors. You want to make sure this tool is present for those who frequent your facility.

How Gym Wall Mirrors Enhance Motivation

Observing one’s progress using gym wall mirrors is valuable to Great Falls exercisers for yet another reason. The mirrors do not just show members their flaws; they are also a great visible indicator of progress made, goals attained, and techniques mastered. This provides some of the positive reinforcement needed to encourage your patrons to continue to pursue their objectives for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Including Gym Wall Mirrors in Your Home

Homeowners can also benefit from gym wall mirrors if their house includes a space for weightlifting or other at-home exercise routines. Even if you simply have a weight machine in your basement, you can enjoy the perks associated with gym wall mirrors –

  • The general mood and atmosphere of your workout space will be upgraded.
  • Your workout space will feel more like a “real” gym, which can be motivational.
  • You’ll be able to see your progress, find out where improvement is needed, and so on.

If this sounds like just what you need in order to more faithfully carry out your home fitness plans, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. and we’ll give you a free in-home mirror consultation!

The Process for Having Gym Wall Mirrors Installed

Here is a general overview of how the process might unfold if you order gym wall mirrors for your home or gym in Great Falls.

  • Reach out to ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. via phone or internet.
  • Take part in a free mirror consultation at your house or facility and receive an estimate.
  • Place your order.
  • Get a phone call from ABC when your mirrors are ready.
  • Have our glaziers install your gym mirrors.

Our trained mirror specialists are present to help you make an informed purchase by providing all the data you need on mirror options and pricing!

Other Uses for Glass in Homes and Commercial Locations

Besides gym wall mirrors, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. has other products that home and business owners will love.

For gym owners –

  • Commercial shower doors and steam showers to enhance the restrooms in your facility
  • Dreamwalls wall coverings
  • Fire-rated glass

For homeowners –

  • Residential shower doors and enclosures, including frameless steam showers
  • Variety of custom mirrors
  • Glass backsplashes
  • Glass table tops
  • Glass shelves
  • Cabinet glass

These are just some of the products and services we offer the Northern VA region! If you have any glass and mirror needs, ask us how we can help you address them!

Reasons to Choose ABC for Your New Gym Mirrors

There are various reasons for working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. when you need gym wall mirrors in Great Falls, VA. For one thing, we remain and have always been a family business committed to making our customers happy. Furthermore, our staff has decades of experience in the glass field, and we only work with quality products. Learn for yourself what we can bring to your residential or commercial building by browsing our website, calling to talk to an expert, and setting up your complimentary consultation appointment today 703-257-7150!

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