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Open concept living space, in which the kitchen and living room are housed in the same wide open area, is defined by an airy and spacious ambience. Clear glass is the very essence of this style, so it will enhance the sense of openness while increasing the functionality of your central living space.

Open shelves are gaining popularity in American kitchens. Homeowners love knowing right where everything is, and busy families are all about skipping steps like opening and closing cupboard doors.

Choices include wood, wire, and glass shelving. What’s nice about clear glass is that it is visually minimalistic. Its transparency allows you to install numerous shelves without seeming to “fill” your walls.

There are many ways to decorate your open concept living space with functional glass shelves, including –

•    Having a custom mirror installed behind a clear glass shelf and filling it with your glassware.
•    Using a set of clear glass shelves to store books and collectibles in your living room.
•    Replacing your cupboard or bookcase shelves with sheets of clear glass.

This segues into the topic of clear cabinet glass, another product that is ideal for open concept kitchen and living room space. Some homeowners prefer to keep at least some kitchen items behind closed doors to minimize dust or grease buildup. Clear cabinet glass lets you stash dishes or groceries in a cupboard but preserves the open look and feel of the kitchen.

The same technique can be used to freshen up living room cabinet doors or a china hutch.

beautiful living room with a large window and a glass table in the center

Finally, an open concept kitchen and living room will typically including a place to eat. This is where clear glass really shines in the form of clear glass tabletops. These tops can be mounted on a variety of supports made from metal, wood, stone, and more.

A transparent table top instantly gives your dining quarters a spacious, modern atmosphere, and the clean lines and crisp edges fit in perfectly with today’s trends in kitchen décor. Clear glass tops can also be used to create chic coffee tables and end tables in your living room.

Your choice in legs/support systems can tailor the tables to your chosen style, while the transparent tops keep them from visibly taking up space.

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