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Back painted glass opens up possibilities for updating kitchen and dining space without a full remodel. From glass wall panels to glass table tops, there are many ways to put this colored glass to work in your living space. Some of the most popular applications are:

  • Glass backsplash
  • Glass wall panels or wall art
  • Glass table top
  • Glass island top or bar top

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Back Painted Glass Is Visually Appealing

Many families spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area, since this space is used for everything from entertaining to family dinners and from homework sessions to game night! For this very reason, it can be hard to keep the kitchen and dining room looking fresh, clean, and stylish. From toddlers throwing food to pots of pasta boiling over, there are so many reasons that kitchen and dining surfaces end up stained and grimy. Back painted glass is an appealing alternative to wood, painted drywall, and even tile for many homes. Its smooth, shining surface is attractive and easy to clean, which helps you keep the kitchen and dining area attractive and up to date.

Back Painted Glass Wall Panels Add Beauty and Functionality

Having a back painted glass backsplash installed above your kitchen counters gives it an instant makeover. Not only does a glass backsplash stand up to dishwashing sprinkles and cooking spatters, but it also gives you the opportunity to transform your kitchen’s color scheme. If you want to brighten the space with a vibrant hue or calm it down with a relaxing color, back painted glass is available in any shade you need. These features make a colored glass backsplash a fashionable and functional choice for a kitchen.

While a dining room doesn’t need a backsplash, it can be quickly updated with back painted glass wall panels. Colored glass panels can be utilized to create a modern accent wall that will renew your dining room ambiance. This easy-to-clean glass can also be installed to cover just the lower half of your walls for the effect of contemporary wainscoting. Finally, glass wall panels of diverse colors and dimensions can be installed on one wall for an artistic wall ornament.

Two Options for a Back Painted Glass Table Top

Back painted glass gives you two options for a trendy dining table. On the one hand, a sheet of colored glass can be cut to fit perfectly on top of an existing table. The original top, with all its scratches and dings, is completely hidden beneath a pristine, opaque glass top in your selected color. However, you can also team up with a painted glass company to create a table on which the glass serves as a top in its own right. For this application, tempered back painted glass is used, since the glass needs to be stronger and more durable when it is not resting on a solid surface. This type of tempered glass is fastened atop table legs or a pedestal.

Back Painted Glass for an Island Top or Bar Top

Horizontal kitchen surfaces can also be treated with back painted glass for a refreshed look and simple maintenance.

  • Cover an island top with back painted glass to complement your new glass backsplash or provide a nice contrast to tiled surfaces.
  • Similarly, colored glass can help you transform a dated countertop bar into the highlight of your kitchen. Switch to a glass top in your chosen color, add industrial metal bar stools, and you have a great place for entertaining friends, supervising kids’ snack time, and drinking your morning coffee!

Tons of Possibilities when You Decorate with Back Painted Glass

How would you use back painted glass in your kitchen and dining room? An ABC Glass and Mirror glass technician can work with you to bring your ideas to life. Our glass shop delivers and installs custom cut glass panels in the color of choice. Call us at (703)257-7150 to learn more and make a free consultation appointment.