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Antique mirror glass can be part of your interior decorating even if you don’t have time to scour antique shops and thrift stores in search of old mirrors. ABC Glass and Mirror offers antiqued mirror – new reflective glass that is treated with acid to create the appearance of an antique mirror. Our antique mirror glass is available in custom shapes and sizes and can be framed, beveled, or left with a simple polished edge.

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Where can I use framed antique mirror?

A framed antique mirror is almost never out of place. In fact, it gives the effect of an heirloom piece adorning your wall space. Use an antique framed mirror in any room that needs charm, character, and warmth. Possibilities include:

  • Behind a vintage make-up table in your bedroom.
  • Next to the coat rack in your entryway.
  • Above a refinished sideboard in the dining room.
  • Behind the living room sofa.
  • As a vanity mirror in an old-fashioned bathroom.

Another trend is to make a gallery wall with vintage mirrors of various sizes, shapes, styles, and frames. With the help of ABC, you can create the appearance of an antique collection without setting foot in a flea market or antique shop! First, determine how many mirrors to include in your gallery. Then decide on shapes and sizes for each mirror. Once you’ve made these choices, you’ll need to decide how the mirrors will be arranged. Various gallery wall templates are available online and can help you create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Finally, choose your frames from our large assortment of themes, tones, and designs. Using frames of diverse styles, colors, and materials will give your gallery the appearance of a collection acquired over time. Utilize antique mirror glass for every piece or include a few standard mirrors to enhance the eclectic nature of the display. Our glaziers will glue each mirror in place on the correct wall space and then add the frames.

Which mirror frames look good with antique mirror glass?

The choice of a mirror frame is ultimately yours, but there are certain frames that harmonize especially well with antiqued mirror.

  • Rustic wood style frames – The charm of rustic wood framed mirrors can be yours if you opt to surround antique mirror glass with a frame that looks like aged wood. This combination is perfect for farmhouse style dining rooms as well shabby chic living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Gold and silver mirror frames – Go a step beyond a normal silver or gold framed mirror by choosing to use antique mirror glass. Hang it above your vanity for an instant bathroom transformation or use it in a hallway or landing.

When is beveled antique mirror used?

Choosing a bevel instead of a frame on antique mirror glass is a wonderful way to blend the old and new. For example, beveled antique mirror tiles can be used to a create a mirror wall with both modern and nostalgic vibes. This look works well for redefining a bland room or making a small area feel bigger. Like standard mirror, antique mirror adds brightness and a sense of space, but it does so in a softer, more subtle manner. Bevels can also be added to large antique wall mirrors to create a decorative border.

When would I choose antique mirror with a polished edge?

A large antique mirror with polished edges can be used to a create a seamless mirror wall. This will have many of the same traits as a mirror wall created with lots of beveled squares, but it will offer a smooth flowing surface instead of a “tiled” look. A mirror like this can be used to embellish bare wall space, visually expand a home office, or add character to a foyer.

Alternatively, antique mirror tiles without bevels can be arranged to make an accent wall. The size and shape of these “tiles” can be customized, and our glaziers can affix them to your wall to create a tiled or mosaic effect. An accent wall made of antique mirror glass instantly transforms a room from ordinary to memorable. It will match any color scheme and works with styles ranging from formal to shabby chic to industrial.

What if there are outlets and light switches where I want my mirrored wall?

Don’t let outlets or light switches deter you from creating an accent wall with a large antique mirror or many antique mirror tiles. The ABC team can add cutouts to your mirror glass so that it fits perfectly around existing wall fixtures. We can also customize the placement of your antique wall mirror. If you don’t want it to go all the way down to the floor or trim, we will install track at the desired height. The mirror glass will rest on this track and be kept in place with glue or clips. There are two types of track available – L-bar for a frameless look and J-channel that leaves a thin strip of metal visible along the bottom of the mirror.

What is the process of decorating with antique mirror glass from ABC?

While some clients select and order products over the phone, most begin by scheduling a free in-home consultation with one of our glass and mirror experts.

  • Our estimator inspects the wall where the antique mirror is going, takes measurements, answers your questions, and offers tips and ideas.
  • After this meeting, we work up a quote and email it to you.
  • You select and order your item(s), and we fabricate/gather all the elements needed for your mirror installation.
  • We schedule our next visit to your home and then installation is carried out by a trained team.

How can I keep antique mirrors looking their best?

Antique mirrors should look a bit “worn,” but it’s important to keep the glass and frame clean so that their appearance remains classy. Helpful tips include:

  • Regular dusting – The ornate frames often used with antiqued mirror glass look great but are also great for collecting dust. If dust is allowed to build up, you’ll have a major cleaning project involving q-tips and toothpicks on your hands! Avoid this by quickly refreshing the frames with a microfiber duster every few days.
  • Gentle glass cleaning – The important thing to remember when cleaning a mirror is to avoid letting liquid get behind the mirror glass. Moisture behind the glass damages the reflective backing, so it is best to avoid spraying any liquid directly on the glass where it can drip down and pool. Instead, apply the cleaning agent to a rag or paper towel and use this to clean the mirror glass. Finally, we recommend avoiding ammonia based cleaners since ammonia can also damage the backing.

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