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Many of the things ones finds in the basement or attic present the perfect opportunity to upcycle an old item and turn it into a lovely décor accent piece. Check out 3 creative ideas that make the perfect fun and rewarding project for a winter weekend! If you have old crates that are still sturdy, you can turn them into quaint cubbies for storing light weight items such as craft supplies, winter wear, or even shoes or slippers. Here are suggested steps for the project:

1. Make cubbies from crates.

Clean the crates. Special treatment with mold -killing cleaner will be necessary if there is evidence of fungus on wood.

– If the crates present a risk of splinters, sanding them is advisable. Decorate the crates to complement your décor.

– Possibilities include painting whole crates or select slats, wood-burning designs onto the crates, gluing on adornments, stenciling a design, or even adding ribbons.

– Attach the “cubbies” to the wall in a tasteful arrangement.

2. Add visual interest to your living space with an odds and ends shelf.

Rummage through your boxes and bins and take out items with sentimental value, visual appeal, or a great back-story. Then, look through this assortment and try to find a commonality. Are there a lot of items that include the color blue? Is there a group of pieces that have gold accents? Do some of them have a nature theme? Once you’ve found a common thread, clean the pieces and find a place to display the collection. If you’re low on open surfaces, consider installing a clear glass shelf that will be a subtle wall adornment that allows your display to really shine.

3. Restore and repurpose old furniture.

A battered piece of furniture can be turned into a quaint and useful element in your living space. For instance, an old dresser can be painted black, fitted with industrial style drawer handles and utilized for a storage cabinet in your home office. Another possibility is to turn a dated china hutch into a modern piece that will function as your dining room’s focal point. This can often be achieved with paint, clear glass shelves, clear cabinet glass, and new knobs. Perhaps your attic or basement contains an old sideboard. These low cabinets can be cleaned up and put to use in many rooms. Possibilities include:

– Shoe cabinet in the entryway or mudroom.
– School supplies cabinet in your homeschool room.
– Linen cupboard in a large master bath.

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