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Black framed and mullioned windows hearken back to 1800s industrial buildings in Britain. Manufactured by Crittall Windows, these eventually became popular in houses and cottages as well. Today the style is resurging, but not just for exterior windows. ABC Glass & Mirror now offers this trending glass and metal combination for partition walls and shower enclosures. Here are just 3 of the possibilities:

Treat yourself to a luxury home office with a Crittall style partition wall.

Taking part of your living room, dining room, or bedroom for a home office looks a lot better if you use Crittall style black framed glass to separate your work space from the surrounding area. Your partition can be customized:

  • Choose how many and what size fixed panels.
  • Opt for a swinging door, sliding door, or open entrance.
  • Pick simple black framed glass or choose from three different frame-and-mullion styles.

Using this type of partition gives you a separate office space where you can work or meet clients with fewer distractions and interruptions. At the same time, this kind of partition actually improves the look and feel of the existing room as well!

Improve a guest bath or kids’ bathroom with a black framed shower screen.

A simple fixed panel of Crittall style glass can dramatically uplift and transform an ordinary bathroom. Shower curtains are very much run-of-the-mill, and they often end up moldy and slimy anyway. Ditching the rod, curtain, and liner in favor of a sheet of clear glass with black metalwork will instantly style up the bathroom. Also, the use of clear glass visually connects the shower area with the rest of bathroom, which makes both spaces feel brighter and roomier. If you need help determining the best width and placement for a shower screen, ABC can set you up with a free in-home consultation

Treat yourself to a primary bathroom upgrade with a Crittall style shower enclosure.

Your bathroom and bedroom suite is more than a utilitarian space. This is where you refresh yourself to  begin the day and unwind before going to sleep. Adding a touch of glam to the bathroom makes it easier to do these things or to enjoy a home spa day. All of our gridscape shower enclosures feature clear glass and black metal. Four general styles are offered – black framed glass, two options with framing and traditional mullions, a modern option with unique mullions and panels. You can choose between swinging and sliding doors and pick the number of fixed panels needed to fully enclose your tub or shower.

There’s an additional way to achieve Critall style glass panels and doors.

Lead times on the products discussed so far are 3-4 months. If you’re looking to reduce this to 6-8 weeks, ABC offers another Crittall style product in addition to the gridscape doors and panels we’ve been highlighting. These items make use of Alice® direct-to-glass digital ceramic printing to create the appearance of mullions. Clear glass is surrounded on all sides by black U-channel and the “mullions” are applied to the glass in the form of ceramic frit bonded to its exterior. To learn more about either option or to schedule your free consultation, call us at (703)257-7150.

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