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Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom, giving the living room a makeover, or just shopping for a new wall hanging, get ready for tons of choices in wall mirrors. If you decide to order your mirror from a custom glass shop still more possibilities arise because the reflective glass can be cut to precise specifications. Thus, mirrors can be installed within decorative wall trim, on uniquely shaped wall space, inside cabinets, and in many more areas of the home.

Two Types of Mirror Glass

Even the mirror glass itself can be tailored to the theme of your home and the specific look you are going for. ABC Glass and Mirror, for example, sells standard mirror and antique mirror. Standard mirror is the reflective glass you’re used to – it has the same flawless appearance across the entire surface. Antique mirror, on the other hand, is standard mirror that had acid applied to the reflective backing and then washed off before too much of the backing could be removed. This process gives it the appearance of glass marked by use and the passage of time. While it looks like antique mirror glass, it is actually a new product that has been given an aged look.

Some might wonder why anyone would buy a new mirror that looks old and worn. The truth is, antique mirror glass has lots of character and charm. A decorator might use it in a modern space to change things up, soften a contemporary décor scheme, or create a layered, lived in look. Additionally, antique mirror glass is perfect for preserving the nostalgic feel of a room decorated with old fashioned furniture and fixtures. In a vintage style bathroom, for instance, you can combine antique mirror with an ornate frame for a vanity mirror that enhances the “olden days” theme.

3 Options for the Mirror Edge

Once you’ve settled on the type of mirror glass best suited to your project, it’s time to decide on the edgework:

  • Polished edge
  • Beveled edge
  • Framed

The simplest choice – and one that works especially well with modern décor – is the polished edge. A polished edge mirror is flat across the entire surface, with no bevel or frame around its perimeter. The edges of the reflective glass are machine polished to remove sharp edges and create a nice, finished appearance.

If you’d like to add some detail to the mirror’s perimeter but leave it unframed, a beveled edge is an appealing option. To create this type of mirror, glass technicians cut a uniform bevel around the entire mirror. This gives you a subtle border without actually framing the mirror. Beveled edge mirrors are versatile and coordinate with many different styles of interior design.

The third – and very popular – option for the mirror edge is a frame. ABC Glass and Mirror, for instance, offers frames of assorted colors, finishes, and styles. The inclusion of a frame gives any mirror a distinct style. A frame can be used to make a mirror more decorative, to enhance a room’s particular décor theme, or to add visual interest to a section of wall space. Frame styles run the gamut from ornate metallic finishes to the appearance of rustic wood.

Lots of Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Not only are there many types of mirrors available, but you have lots of options for how to decorate with them. Some of the most common uses for mirrors in a home are vanity mirrors, framed mirrors in entryways and living rooms, full length dressing mirrors, and wall mirrors in home workout rooms. Many mirrors serve practical functions such as helping us fix our hair, shave, or put on makeup. Others serve primarily as wall ornaments that add sparkle to a room. Mirror glass can also play a key role in improving a room’s ambiance:

  • A large wall mirror makes a room appear to be twice as spacious as it really is.
  • Stationing a mirror opposite a picture window doubles the impact of the view.
  • Mirror glass can be used to magnify a room’s best features by reflecting a piece of wall art or a valuable antique.

Mirrors from ABC Can Be Tailored to YOUR Project

ABC sells and installs everything from the vast wall mirrors used in gyms to small vanity mirrors that hang over powder room sinks. Our team also tackles special projects such as overhead mirrors for a dance studio and custom-cut mirrors to adorn a luxury home’s entryway. If you’d like mirror glass installed in your home or commercial space, you can make an appointment for a no-obligation visit from one of our estimators. Call our shop at (703)257-7150 to set this up and get answers to any preliminary questions you may have.

Within the agreed upon time frame, our estimator will arrive at your site and take measurements as needed. These are carried out using levels, lasers, and measuring tapes. During this consultation, you can also see samples, get professional tips and suggestions, and ask further questions. We follow up by sending you a price quote via email. If you decide to work with us, the mirror glass is fabricated to the exact size needed for your project and installed by a professional team. Give ABC a ring to learn more about all the products and services offered.