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If you don’t already know, a sideboard is a long, low cabinet traditionally used for storing serving dishes in the dining room. Popular in the 1950’s and other past eras, the sideboard may be making a comeback in modern American homes. If you have an old sideboard, you can turn it into a stunning, contemporary piece that adds both style and convenience to your space.

The first question to answer is, “Why a sideboard?”  There are a number of ways a sideboard can enhance a dining area.

•    The top of the sideboard opens up unique décor opportunities. Place a framed mirror above it, or prop up a painting for a special artistic twist. It can also be adorned with candlesticks, a vase of flowers, or perhaps a wooden bowl filled with seasonal fruit. Finally, the top of the sideboard can be of practical value if you use it store more dishes or glassware.
•    Cupboards and drawers on a sideboard give you handy storage space right next to your dining table. Fill them with the traditional serving ware, or use them as a place to stash extra napkins, tablecloths, and so forth.
•    The sideboard itself can add character and beauty to the space……especially if you refurbish it according to your personal taste.

A great way to update and improve an old sideboard is with glass. Three types of glass can be utilized – table top, cabinet fronts, and shelves. A clear glass tabletop can protect an antique sideboard while keeping the original wooden top in sight. On the other hand, a frosted or tinted glass top can mask or obscure flaws and dents on a sideboard that has seen lots of use.

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If your sideboard includes cupboard doors, you have the ability to significantly transform its style. Replace the wooden fronts with clear glass inserts and your sideboard doubles as a display case for your heirloom dishware! Additional looks can be created with patterned, acid-etched, or colored cabinet glass.

Finally, the interior of the sideboard can be made sturdier and more attractive by replacing the original shelves with glass. Clear glass shelves make great partners for transparent cabinet glass and give the sideboard an open and airy quality.

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