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Everyone loves the beauty of a glass shower, but no one likes to work hard to keep one clean. Is it possible to enjoy a sparkling glass enclosure without strenuous weekly cleaning?

How often and how vigorously you’ll need to clean your shower glass depends on a few different factors, especially the quality of your tap water. There are steps everyone can take to significantly lower the amount of labor needed to maintain the beauty of a glass shower enclosure.

Before you place your order for a glass shower, check out high-end options for protective coatings. Innovative ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed during manufacturing.

This Seal Will do the Following:

•    Prevent corrosion
•    Make the glass stay clean longer
•    Make it easier to wash when it does get soiled

If you’re used to cleaning untreated glass, you’ll find a whole new experience with ShowerGuard glass.

Another appealing, and somewhat more cost-effective, option is EnduroShield. This long-lasting spray-on sealant also creates a barrier between disfiguring and corrosive elements and your shower glass. Like ShowerGuard, EnduroShield gives you a glass shower that keeps its shine longer and is easier to maintain.

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If neither of these products is in your price range you can protect your shower glass with a quality spray-on coating that is reapplied at regular intervals. Recommended products include Rain-X, Invisible Shield, and CR Lawrence’s TPC Surface Protector.

If your glass does not have a permanent or long-lasting coating or if your tap water is high in silica, your best bet for making cleaning easier is drying the glass after each shower. To facilitate this, we recommend keeping a squeegee or basket of absorbent towels in a handy spot near the shower.

This practice of drying the glass is designed to remove the drops of tap water before corroding or staining elements have a chance to harm your glass.  A little routine maintenance goes a long way toward preserving the sheen and cleanliness of a glass shower door.

The choices you make when designing your glass shower can impact how easy or hard it is to clean. Here are some examples:

•    A frameless shower door has fewer crevices where water can collect or soap scum can build up.
•    Smooth glass – clear or tinted – is more easily dried and cleaned than textured glazing such as frosted, patterned, or cast glass.

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