When investing money in a new glass shower, you want a design that looks fabulous, makes the bathroom more convenient, and is easy to clean and maintain. The best way to avoid faux pas, costly mistakes, and a disappointing finished product is by working with a reliable custom glass shop.

Why Are Custom Glass Shower Doors So Beautiful?

spacious custom glass shower enclosure

In terms of aesthetics, a custom glass shower enclosure is hard to beat. If you install a one size fits all shower kit, you might end up with gaps, huge caulk joints, or other flaws. On the other hand, a custom enclosure is built from pieces of glass that were fabricated to the exact specifications of your shower area. It will also be constructed by experienced professionals who have been trained in installing safe and sturdy glass enclosures. In addition, a reputable glass company will provide care guidelines and a warranty. Custom showers can also be coordinated to the rest of your bathroom since you can choose the type of glass, the hardware style, and the hardware finish.

Professionals Bring Experience That Aids In Shower Design

corner custom glass shower enclosure

If you’ve never ordered a glass shower before, it might be hard to know exactly what options you want. A glass pro can not only show you samples and photos, but will give design tips based on years of experience in the glass shower door world. A glazier will have seen both successful and unsuccessful shower designs, and you will benefit from his or her experience as you fashion your own dream shower.

Avoid Design Disasters With Expert Help

spacious corner custom glass shower enclosure

Perhaps most importantly, a shower expert can steer you away from a setup that will create uncleanable nooks and crannies. For instance, some designs look good on paper but leave you with a small gap between the shower glass and another bathroom fixture. If you can’t reach into a space to dry and clean it, it’s likely to become a forest of mildew and mold. Glass shower professionals can help you achieve the look you desire without the accidental addition of an unreachable gap.

Professional Glaziers Help You Steer Clear of Mistakes

custom swinging glass shower door

Glass experts are aware of the little pieces of info needed to avoid code violations or shower installation disasters. Examples include:

• Per building codes, swinging glass shower doors may open inward, but they must also be able to swing out into the bathroom. This means that you need to choose a different type of door if a swinging door would hit a fixture when opened outward.

• Screws cannot be put in and holes cannot be drilled into glass tiles, as this will crack the tiles. Feel free to use glass tiles in your design, but make sure another surface is available where holes or screws are needed.

• At times a metal header is needed, extending across the top of the shower enclosure to provide stability and support.

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