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If you’re staying home more these days, there’s no better time to take care of repairs you’ve been putting off or upgrades you’ve been wanting. Check out these ideas for improving your living space.

1. Deal with clutter.

Add glass shelves to de-clutter

2020 has been challenging (to put it mildly), and a cluttered home can be a source of further anxiety. Extra time at your house can be spent collecting things to donate, throwing out broken or stained items, and so on. You can also add additional storage – such as glass shelves– to make it easier to stay clutter-free. If the thought is overwhelming, try decluttering one surface or one room per day.

2. Repaint.

repaint a room to lift your spirits

Colors impact mood and emotion, so choosing some new wall colors can be a tool for lifting your spirits. Do some quick internet research on how different shades typically affect us. Also think about how these colors affect you personally and choose relaxing or invigorating paint colors according to your goal for the room.

3. Start crossing off items on your to-do list.

replace your windows during your down time

Whether you’re a DIYer or have never used a hammer, seeing damaged or broken items in your home can be depressing and anxiety provoking. Try setting a schedule that works for you – maybe one project a week. Keep in mind that sometimes worrying about an issue is actually worse than the solution to the problem. Take fogged glass, for instance. You might be distraught about the cost of new windows, but in most cases just the damaged pane can be replaced.

4. Rearrange.

reorganize your living space

By this point, you might be getting tired of your living space, but you can get a fresh look without spending a dime. Pick a room that could feasibly be re-arranged and draw some different ideas until you find the right one. To put the finishing touch on your rearranged space, order one accessory you’ve been craving – a cute accent pillow, a new lamp shade, or maybe a print of your favorite artist’s work.

5. Turn your bathroom into a home spa.

turn your bathroom into a home spa

There are lots of little extras that can make your master bathroom more relaxing – essential oil diffuser, new white bath towels, basket of lotion and scented soap, and a manicure/pedicure set. If you’re ready for a bathroom remodel anyway, consider luxurious upgrades like a glass enclosed steam shower, a deep soaker tub, and heated flooring.

6. Upcycle an old piece of furniture.

upcycle an old piece of furniture

If you enjoy weekend projects, refurbishing an old table or cabinet can be a very rewarding one. The project is small enough to be low-stress, and you can enjoy your updated piece right away. For example, an old china hutch will look completely different if you paint it, put in cabinet glass, and replace the door handles.

7. Get your home office in order.

clean up your home office

Maybe one reason you’re at home more is because you’ve started teleworking. With more work supplies at home now, your workspace might need some TLC. From adding storage to ordering a new desk, improving your work environment is worth the effort. If you don’t already have a dedicated work space at home, remember that you can carve one out of another room by having glass room dividers put up.

For any home improvements that need glass or mirror, you can call ABC Glass and Mirror – (703)257-7150 – for quality custom products installed by professional teams. Whether you want to replace a small mirror or have us build a huge glass shower enclosure, we’ll give your project the time and attention it deserves.

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